Idiot leaves Ron Paul coalition; finds natural home in Democrat Party

Ron Paul yard signA liberal friend who despairs of my decision to turn my back on the Democrat Party and declare myself a conservative, sent me an article from Salon.  In it, the author smugly explains that he was a life-long libertarian, went to a Ron Paul convention, saw that a lot of the people there were conspiracy theorists, and then joined the Democrat Party.

Here’s the gist of it:  the guy grew up in Nevada, in a town that valued guns.  He was told that he was a libertarian, so he was.  Without showing any actual understanding of the principle’s behind small government and individual freedom, he liked that Ron Paul libertarians want to make pot legal and hate Wars for Oil.  In 2008, he went to a Ron Paul convention and was shocked that people there espoused conspiracy views (which Ron Paul followers are famous for doing) and believed that welfare is a bad thing.  Then, when the financial meltdown happened in 2008, he opposed the bank bailout (which libertarians opposed), but approved of greatly increasing the welfare state (something libertarians also opposed).  Oh, and he “wept with joy” when Obama was inaugurated.  As for the Tea Partiers, they were “monsters” who made him want to “puke.”  You see, there are “racists” amongst the Tea Partiers, as well as 9/11 conspiracy theorists and Birthers.  He then went to a Progressive college to get a degree in creative writing and married a liberal Canadian.  And then, pretty much badda-boom, badda-bing, there he was, a happy Democrat.

What this guy utterly fails to see is that he started out with hard-core Leftist ideology — free pot, no War for Oil, don’t give money to evil bankers, government is the solution, Tea Partiers are racist, Obama is a God who causes tears of joy — but by an accident of birth, ended up thinking he was a libertarian.  Then, when he figured out that he was a moonbat, he headed for his real political party.  It’s not so much a case of conversion as of mistaken identity.  “You mean I’m not really Lord Ambrose Wafflepoof-Chilteningham?  I am, instead, plain old Comrade John Brown?  At last, the world makes sense!”

As for his attacks against the Ron Paul group, I have to agree that I don’t like Ron Paul or his followers either.  Their isolationism (which the proto-Democrat convert loved) is dangerous, and their affinity for neo-Nazis and other immoral, bad actors is awful.  Paul is too dumb to realize that the neo-Nazis are statists who hide in his Libertarian enclave because they believe it’s the best incubator for people too dumb to realize that the libertarian’s totally laissez faire attitude to everything allows evil to grow as well as good.

The two main problems with the guy’s post are that he (a) never understood true conservativism and (b) conflates Ron Paul libertarians with conservatives.  Conservatives embrace constitutional government, not no government.  Most conservatives are not conspiracy theorists, although the Birther meme is out there — in part because Obama has withheld evidence (birth certificates and transcripts), either to stir up conspiracy controversy (“Hey, look!  I can make my dog crazy by hiding his bone”) or because there really is something to hide (I believe he might be hiding a pretense that he was a foreign national to help him get college admission/aid).

If you want serious conspiracy mavens, look Left.  That’s where the Truthers live, that’s were the antisemites who subscribe to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion live, and that’s where the people who focus obsessively on the Koch brothers live.  The fact that there is no evidence whatsoever that the Koch brothers did anything more than fund the Heartland Institute is irrelevant:

"The Nation" uses its Koch brother paranoia to fuel a fundraising drive

“The Nation” uses its Koch brother paranoia to fuel a fundraising drive

Funnily enough, all these Lefties never seem that exercised about George Soros’ funding of just about everything to the Left, which is as much an exercise of free speech as is the Koch’s funding of the Heartland Institute.

Another conspiracy meme on the Left, one that helped propel Obama back into the White House in 2012 was the spurious war on women. The Left convinced credulous women and metrosexuals that a vote for Romney was a vote to put women barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen, as forced sex-slaves to slobbering, fat, white Bible-toting Christian males. (In other words, The Handmaid’s Tale.)  That this dark vision had no reality outside the pages of a bad 1980s feminist novel is irrelevant.

And of course, there’s the “Tea Party is racist” meme that the guy, studying at his Progressive university, totally accepted.  He seems unaware that Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 reward for anyone spotting racism at an Obamacare protest is still out there, unclaimed.  If you want racism, look Left.

The guy who wrote the Salon article was never a conservative.  He was always a hardcore, big state Leftist who had accidentally wandered into the wrong party.  His little post isn’t an indictment of conservativism.  It is, instead, a confession of his own lack of self-awareness and facile embrace of the party of the moment.

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  • Ymarsakar

    The Salon author is a robot, tool, slave of the Left. Who is he to tell any of us that he “decided” to join anything? He is merely a puppet. Call me when he wants to tell me the name of his puppet master. Talking to a tool is pointless. Whatever they say is meaningless.

  • Ymarsakar

    “That this dark vision had no reality outside the pages of a bad 1980s feminist novel is irrelevant.”
    It’s actually more real than you think it is. Just replace Mit Romneys with Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton. The Left has created plenty of sex slaves by controlling women from birth to abortion. It’s not enough to reject their platforms, not when their platforms are really talking about themselves.

  • lee

    Very good point, Ymarsakar.
    The Lefty “feminism” has unleashed the idea that “hooking up” gives a young woman “sexual freedom” whereas in reality, she is merely becoming a sort of sexual slave for short term borrowing.  (She isn’t even rented–she gets nothing tangible in return, except the warm, fuzzy feeling of pleasing some guy.)
    I started to see the “normalization” of easy sex in the films thirty odd years ago when I was in college. I was very troubled by the fact that Hollywood showed us that a hop in the sack fixed the trouble in what until that point had been a non-sexual relationship. Wham, bam, the guy rides off into the sunset with the girl, the end. In real life, not so much.
    I recall reading what one woman had written about her experience as a young college girl getting involved with the “movement” in the late sixties, protesting the Vietnam War. The guys RAN their little college chapters, and the only way a girl could get anywhere–have any authority, become an official leader, do something besides file, and run the mimeograph machine, was to sleep with the higher placed guys. The guys were the ones in danger of getting drafted, was the reasoning, and the girsl were just along for the ride. So to speak. The guy at the top of the chapter ladder had his little harem of girls at his beck and call.  This was “feminism” for the late sixties college radicals protesting the Vietnam war.
    My mom was the one who opened my eyes to what a ridiculous woman Hillary is. A woman who got ignominously booted from her first big solo gig (and failing the DC bar, she hitched to Billy’s coattails and rode them into a Senate seat.  (I love how Wikipedia makes it sound that she was instrumental in the committee’s work in forcing Nixon to resign; no mention of getting canned for lies and unethical behavior…)

  • ArmyMom

    A family member went to work for several years overseas and came back a screaming liberal.  Most of the family is embarrassed by his liberal stupidity but no one says much so as to not cause a rift in the family.  One thing he does all the time is that he will make references to the “evil” Koch brothers.  I actually did some looking around to try to figure out his obsession and could not find much beyond kooky blogs that did not give me any good idea why the Koch brothers are such boogey-men to lefties other than they are rich and lean conservative\libritarian.  Of course this family member says nothing about George Soros ever. 
    The blogs that scream about the Koch brothers all seem so full of nonsense that I gave up trying to figure out exactly what libs hate about them. 

  • raymondjelli

    I know someone who tried to work with the libertarians because he thought that at least they embrace some solid economic ideas.  He’s given up. Libertarians are usually leftists who realize they aren’t part of the gravy train so they fight taxes but use social issues to still maintain at least some left credentials. As soon as they feel sufficiently lonely or think there may be a scam they can get in with they bolt. They go right back to the Left.  They even have a sort of uniform. If they have a pony tail most likely they are a freeze dried leftist just waiting for the right time to heat up.  Don’t expect any real reforms from libertarians. Do expect to hear a lot of if only everyone were objectivists. Its good practice for when they go back to if only everyone understood socialism.

  • sabawa

    My Libertarian son-in-law, with the long pony tail, still works at Barnes and Noble 25 yrs after he graduated from NCSU w/ his English degree.  He told me people who  have lots of money must have done something illegal along the way.  Is that part of the Libertarian plank?

  • Ymarsakar

    ArmyMom, it’s not so much a rationality or reason as the Left activates certain triggers in the minds of the tools and slaves. These triggers activate pre-conditioned responses. So there’s an underlying vulnerability in a person’s mind to begin with, before they even start spouting Leftist propaganda.
    Like those searching for cults to join, they were fundamentally broken or vulnerable in some fashion before the cult got their hands on them. Once the cult got their hands on the subject, conditioning would be completed and a fully manufactured slave soldier or collared pet will be produced.

  • Ymarsakar

    One good way to poke Libertarians in the eye via hypocrisy funnels is to ask them if they support spanking children to make them Obey via power and terror.
    They don’t really have a good answer, from what my sources tell me. They, the pacifist “we should stay out of other people’s business and not make war on them” crowd don’t have an answer to something they personally control. They talk big about not initiating force, but how many of them actually are true believers and adhere to the principle? In real life? In their speech? In their mannerisms towards the weak and powerless? How many?
    Always poke them through the eye. For the soul is reached through the eye.

  • Matt_SE

    One problem I have with the Paul-ites is their zealotry. They seem happy…actually, more than happy (!!!) to give up their individuality in order to be a part of something important ™. Like a cult. As Yamarsakar stated, this speaks to a flaw in their personality.
    Reminds me of those counter-culture kids in high school who would rebel against conformity by hanging out and dressing all alike.

    • SADIE

      Reminds me of Jim Jones.

  • Ymarsakar


    I see it as an engineered deconstruction of human virtues and economic success. Without loyal and faithful women, males default to the stupid raiding culture where today is fun and tomorrow is free. Long term thinking and planning, logick, science, and technology, were based around male desires to protect their woman. Without a woman, there’s no planning, logick, science, or tech either. Reference the single mother homes of African American Utopia or Chicagoland. Without a domestic power or resource that women can provide that males or other women cannot, a single woman has no particular negotiating power with the man she prefers above others. Sex? He can get sex from younger and hotter girls. Sexual fantasies? Porn, Hollywood, and prostitutes will soak up the cash that would otherwise go to raise the next generation. A dedicated home maker, housework, and mother of children? Men are expected to cook, clean, and raise kids at home, so might as well hire another man or maid to do it. It costs less than a divorce. By increasing the flow and supply of sexual goods and pleasure, the individual buying and negotiating power of a woman decreases to the point where she is rendered a servant of an organization, an authority, such as the Left’s 3rd and 4th wave feminism. Which is merely a corruption of 1st wave American patriotic feminism.
    The equality in genders and sexes, will destroy individual free will and contract negotiations. As it was intended to all along. It is only inequality, the fact that spice and silk is in China and other things exist in Europe but not in Asia, that creates profitable trades and relationships.
    Americans were deceived and duped, like Maddow made off with the cash of all the “smart” people who knew “better”. They did not sit in a cave, free from the toxicity of human society, and consider the topic of human nature and human perfection. They were told by an authority, Marxism, what things they should love and they loved what they were told to love and hated what they were told to hate. They obeyed. In obeying, their souls self destructed.

  • Ymarsakar

    Helen Losse liked to also claim that she converted from conservative flaws to liberal theology and enlightenment. When you look back at it though, her beliefs were whole cut from what authorities told her. If they told her that conservatives and religion were good, she believed it. It had nothing to do with individual free will. So when the Left came around and told her different, she believed that just as easily. But thinks it to be a “change in mind”.
    Book, you didn’t join the conservative faction. Tell your friends that you just re-joined humanity and got back the free will you were born with.

    • Bookworm

      That’s a good way to look at it, Ymarsakar.  When I finally realized I was a conservative, I felt as if I’d come home.

      • Ymarsakar

        Home is where the heart is, after all.
        On a different and more depressing note, this is an example of a person which Obeyed Authority and had her soul self destructed. Well, Christians may say the devil took it or something. Different interpretations, same sinking boat.
        If you notice some of the nasty comments in the newspaper site, they treat the child as an equal and thus place “personal responsibility” upon her. That’s why they villify and hate her, on a misguided note. She is not my equal. A child is not my equal in physical, mental, or spiritual strength. I’ve seen documented and verifiable cases where adult women have been mentally programmed to think their fathers raped them as children, by hypnotists and Leftists. They were then commanded to accuse their fathers of molestation, which they did.
        I know very well the depths of human despair and corruption. I have sought out its farthest reaches for at least a decade now. It is because I can see how inferior the status of that woman-child was when she Obeyed the evil of Authority, that I don’t hate her. I have no need to. I have seen far worst cases where people were made to Obey Evil.
        One person commented that the article made them want to slit their wrists, it was that depressing. To me…. it is nothing more than an ordinary day. That might spark some perspective on what exactly I research and study. “That” example of a shattered family and a child forced to obey, is nothing but a foot note in my research of evil.

  • Ymarsakar

    I feel a wind of change. Just recently some people at Neo Neocon said something to the effect that Democrats were no longer their countrymen. That’s a very light form of demonization and de-humanization, but it’s far more than what people were capable of before they suffered the whips of evil.
    Soon now, I feel, people will be able to accept the true nature of Slavery. They will be able to connect the dots between zombies, slaves, and livestock. They will be able to understand the crucial difference between a tool and a human.
    This is relatively good progress, for a bunch of people that didn’t think slavery even existed in the US as of 6 years ago.

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