Jimmy Kimmel launches savage, pointed attack against young people’s ignorant support for Obamacare

I knew that late night talk show hosts were finally starting to see Obama and Obamacare as target-rich environments, but this one still surprised me:

Time will tell if these intermittent bursts of honesty from the Left will make a difference, or if the media’s monolithic hold on the narrative is strong enough to withstand occasional (and probably sanctioned) attacks from outliers.

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  1. Charles Martel says

    Kimmel was very smart to insert the fake ads featuring the older couple. Show, don’t tell, works best when you’re trying to get ideas across.
    It occurs to me that much as Obama, Holder and this regime’s other resident racists want a race war (which blacks would lose miserably), they may inadvertently start a generational war, which they will lose. Millennials are still close enough to childhood to do a spontaneous “The emperor has no clothes!” shout-out.

  2. says

    Many of the Youth did vote. For Obama. If Kimmel tries to BS this stuff to my face, I’m going to shove his air blast back up his nose.
    It’s not really honesty. And it never will be. When the population of the monkey farm becomes too great, cannibalism begins a normal population control method. Whether the Left is going to cannibalize the young or the old first… hard to say. But they will.

  3. Danny Lemieux says

    I’m also not so sure about that pending race war, Hammer. I’m starting to get inklings that the black community on the street is starting to catch on about how they’ve been manipulated by this regime. 

  4. Charles Martel says

    Danny, I sure as hell hope so. If you would, what are some of the things you’re hearing or seeing that tell you blacks may be waking up from their Democratic coma?

  5. Matt_SE says

    I think there was a revolt I heard about at some political meeting in Chicago. I think it was town-hall style, and the black voters (the majority of the audience) got up and started yelling at the politicians about how they were being betrayed and lied to.
    That’s what I got from the article title, anyway…didn’t really read it.

  6. Matt_SE says

    I think the Milennials are starting to get it. Ask a group of them, “How many of you expect Social Security to be around when you retire?” Few if any hands ever go up when I ask that.
    There are a few academics that are making the rounds at universities, agitating on just this point. That the young are getting screwed, and it’s going to get worse. Agitation is emotion, so perhaps it’s the best tactic with this age group. The point also happens to be true.
    They know deep down they’re getting screwed. You just have to hold their hands a little to lead them to the logical conclusions.

  7. Danny Lemieux says

    Hammer, here is the link to the video that Matt_SE referenced (there is another very good link in the article itself). Listen carefully to what the speakers are saying.
    One other thing that I have noticed is that, whereas black people I know used to defend Obama whenever his name came up, the now tend to go very silent. There is an enforced discipline in much of the lower-income black community whereby blacks do not speak ill of other blacks in the presence of whites. I think that this is beginning to break down and that many blacks are beginning to listen to alternative voices (Allen West? We can only hope). Would they come out and vote against another  Obama? Maybe not, but they might stay home.

  8. says

    Even in 2008 there were stories of black neighborhoods trying to rise up and take back the power to fix their problems. But they have always been quietly suppressed, while the GOP and Republicans were living it off at DC and having parties with Democrats.
    Now… perhaps that shackle of silence, that Iron Curtain the Left has brought down on blacks in inner cities, is beginning to lift. 

  9. Caped Crusader says

    Dream on folks, just dream on. It will never happen. One man, one vote, one time. Awaken from your slumber and  look at Africa. Once upon a time I thought this also, but wised up. Experience and reality the real educators. I’ll  be willing to take bets on this. Many non black groups are also immune to anything but the herd mentality. And with today’s education monopoly younger humans are totally incapable of original and rational thought. So, “it ain’t gonna happen”.

  10. says

    Africa became what it is because of the Left in America and Europe. Both Rhodesia and South Africa were put to the torture knife and the torch because of Leftist micro management of local warlords.

  11. says

    The reason why people thought it would change is because they thought “peace” was something bought using economic growth and votes. It ain’t.
    Peace is bought using blood and treasure. The blood of tyrants and patriots. The treasures of the heart, not just gold.
    Those that would go to war in Iraq to fight terrorists, but refuse to go to war in Chicago to fight the Left, will never see anything change. The Left is inside our territorial and logistics boundaries. We cannot wage war on the rest of the world’s evils, so long as the Left exists at our HQ. And as a result of the Left’s power that is allowed to grow, America and the entire world plunges into darkness. North Korea and Chinese policies, are duplicated in Chicago and nobody in the current GOP leadership seems to know two figs about.
    The Left planted many agents in the FDR administration. Do not presume to think that the Left cannot bribe or blackmail just as many Republicans. The problem is and always, has been the Left.

    • says

      To clarify this statement: Do not presume to think that the Left cannot bribe or blackmail just as many Republicans.
      That is intended more for certain individuals that commented on the black uprising through the links. They said that the blacks need to vote Republican and other people have said that GOP leadership problems is a result of the GOP entirely in house.
      I don’t care who they vote for, I only care who they end up helping to destroy. Like the Sunnis of Iraq, voting for America or American backed candidates isn’t going to fix anything. They have to develop their own internal anti-terror resistance protocols. Voting for Democrats or Republicans, won’t fix their issue. If only because Democrats can bribe and blackmail Republicans to do pretty much the same damage.

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