Watcher’s Council nominations for February 5, 2014

I do not know how the Watcher’s Council does it but every week is better than the week before.  It’s this continuous, and always exciting, upward trajectory.  Below, you’ll find this week’s nominations, and here, you’ll find this week’s forum question about the Super Bowl.

Council Submissions

Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

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  • Ymarsakar

    It was only recently that I even understood what the Superbowl was, even though I had no idea where people saw it.
    So I couldn’t answer the forum question. Not even now. I did post a comment at Razor’s blog asking him about why he seems to justify nanny legislation rather than individual choice over armor and weight, though.
    As I learned over the years, physical activity and competition isn’t my concept of manliness. That concept rotates more around between loyalty, loving a good woman, and protecting her/your life. Much of that certainly comes from learning martial theory, tactics, strategy, and applications to the point where I know I’m supposed to be reading an exciting “manly” and physical moment in a novel ,but all I can think of is that I’ve seen it done before, in reality not fantasy, and that I unfortunately have become desensitized to fantasy escapism. I wish I could look at such things once more and be amazed, but that is no longer feasible. The other part must almost certainly be the amount of romance novels in the West and the romantic material in Japanese, I’ve been exposed to.
    The Japanese mental toughness and concept of never giving up, makes them receive a lot more injuries in sports than would normally be expected of such a small and light ethnicity. They always talk about the personal precious goals that they fight for, whether it be fiction or sport competitions. And much of that isn’t about victory or raising the social status of their team/school, but the personal relationships they have to their coach and players.
    The concept of manliness is a rather difficult subject to write about, since it was originally something passed down through oral and emulation methods. It was something you copied and mimicked, in order to learn. Not so much something you read about. Why was that? I would think mostly because manliness has to do with emotions, emotions that don’t translate well to intellectual wording or feminist dogma.