The Left is okay with executive overreach, when it’s their guy doing it

emperor_obamaAccording to Power Line, when a Fox News Poll asked people point blank whether our system supports a president circumventing Congress, 74% of respondents said “no” and only 23% said “yes.”  That answer was only marginally different when the question was re-framed to ask people to ignore the way things should be under our Constitution and, instead, to answer whether they thought it was okay for Barack Obama to circumvent Congress.  In that case, 60% of respondents thought that it still wasn’t okay and only 37% of them approved of Obama acting as a dictator.

My very first thought when I read about that 37% was that I think I know every one of them on my real-me Facebook.  In that Facebook account, with the exception of conservative friends I’ve made in the last few years, and a handful of apolitical people, everyone else in my world — the world made up of school friends, work friends, and neighborhood people — is rabidly Progressive.

These Progressives have been silent since October, when it became clear that Obamacare was going to be an even more dismal, dysfunctional failure than Republicans predicted.  Now, however, with Obama promising to enact his agenda unilaterally, they’re happy again.  When they’re not celebrating gay rights (and I’d so that, gay or straight, 75% of their political Facebook posts are about gay rights), they’re starting to put up style posters encouraging what most Americans recognize as Obama’s lawlessness.

If one were to ask my highly educated, well compensated friends to support their position, I’m sure that all would reply that (a) whatever is wrong now is the fault of Republicans in Congress and (b) that the ends justify the means.  That phrase, incidentally, is one of the scariest in the English language.

Nor would any of them be fazed if they were shown Obama’s blatant hypocrisy:

These Progressives would only say, again, that it’s not hypocrisy at all.  The problem wasn’t executive overreach, they’d say, it was Bush’s executive overreach.  When Obama does the same thing, it’s different.

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  1. JKB says

    Perhaps you should point out that what Obama is doing has not permanence.  What is done by Executive fiat, can be undone by Executive fiat, or Congressional action, or by Judicial order.   It has nothing to continue it past the current administration.  
    When a new commanding officer takes command, one of the last things said in the change of command ceremony is “All standing orders remain in effect”.  That continues what was.  But one of the first acts of a new CO is to go over, reissue, modify, remove, etc. the previous COs standing orders.  Of course, those orders that simply implement higher regulations/laws are just reissued.  But those orders of the previous CO that were his way of doing things usually get removed.  Sometimes wholesale, sometimes as they arise.  
    One of the best ways for a new CO to gain support and favor among is crew, is to vocally rescind hated standing orders of the prior CO.  And you definitely get rid of the ones that if permitted to continue will come to be blamed on you.  

    • says

      “It has nothing to continue it past the current administration.  ”
      Obama had no pushback or resistance, effectively. A Republican President, if such a thing will ever exist, will have resistance. There’s a big difference between marching into a region and controlling it without resistance, vs with resistance.
      So it won’t be reversed as easily, if ever.

  2. Libby says

    What’s scary is that others in his administration are likewise emboldened to overstep their authority. Holder deciding not to defend laws he doesn’t like or interfering with state laws (voter, marriage). Janet Napolitano authorizing the TSA to perform intrusive pat-downs and lax border enforcement. Sebelius and the birth control mandate. EPA redefining existing law to take over regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. There’s so much of this, going on in so many places within the federal government, that it’s hard to keep track of it all.

    • SADIE says

      What makes you think we’re not in the midst of civil war.  Just because no one has officially declared it the American “spring” or the victor doesn’t make it less so.

      • says

        Every the Left’s police kill teams “accidentally” shoot to death a conservative in a home they “mistakenly” did a no knock raid on, that’s one more death tally to add to the 100 WACOs that I said were required for an American Wakeup call.
        But certainly people are fighting battles and dying as a result. No matter whether people want to recognize it as a war or not, civil war or not.

  3. Matt_SE says

    The thing that gets me is the injustice:
    I can be leading a responsible, productive life and then because these asshats decide to promote a domestic dictatorship, I have to spend my time countering it. It’s damned inconvenient.
    And though I’m a believer in the lessons taught by experience, I recognize that it depends on the student’s willingness to learn a lesson. I have no faith that given an economic collapse these people will come to the proper conclusions…even if the answer is as plain as day.
    Which leaves only me to deal out the pain. And sometimes I’m not in a forgiving mood.

  4. Charles Martel says

    It’s funny that when the Obamaites stuck the description “man-made disaster” on the antics of the jihadists, they lacked any sense of irony. If/when the U.S. collapses as a polity and an economic entity, it will certainly be one whopper of a man-made disaster.
    What little silver lining there is here is that humans have survived calamities before and will continue doing so for a long time to come. It’s shame that millions will die, either slowly or violently, if Obama perfects his coup, but our race will continue. Hopefully there will be a New America somewhere for it to thrive in.

  5. Danny Lemieux says

    You might want to add, “anti-war” progressives to that description, Book. Apparently, war is just fine as long as it is their guy doing it. This is all one reason why, to me and others, absolutely NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, that Progressives say or support should have an ounce of credibility. 

    • says

      So long as they are killing the ability of foreign women to be free via remote control, the Left is fine. The moment some guy like Bush actually tries to wage war to free women in Afghanistan… then they drop the nuke on Bush, to aid the allies in Islamic Jihad.
      The freedom of individuals scares the hell out of the LEft. They don’t want to see the slaves in Iraq and Afghanistan revolt. That would be a bad example to the blacks, gays, and sub-human incorporates in the US welfare tax farm. Media personas loved the authority of Saddam and getting interviews. Journalists loved China’s dictatorial roaming regime and policies. That’s just how the Left is. One can no more change that than change the moon’s trajectory. It’s natural. Evil is a kind of force in nature in the sense that entropy is a force, but it’s not just random coincidence. It has a desire for a specific goal and that goal is evil.
      Every time the Leftist pro human control freaks in the US saw Islamics voting and getting militia armed to fight AQ, they would look at Chicago and New Orleans and imagine the US Marines doing a Fallujah there, freeing the slaves. It horrifies the Left. It always did. That’s why they put down the Boom on the Tea Party and Republicans, since it was too late already. By 2008, most people had missed the tactical deadline to do much about it. If they weren’t going to use insurgency or counter insurgency attacks against the Left, the US patriots would lose that power. The people who were put in charge, didn’t even realize they were in a war and refused to recognize it, so it didn’t matter what the people thought. Everyone missed their chance, whether they knew it or not, whether they wished it or not.
      When the Left saw the purple finger voting Iraqis (voter id and voter integrity), combined with America’s domestic Tea Party in the US, they knew they had to stamp down this immune system response to vote corruption before it got out of hand. That’s because once they eliminated America’s voting fingers, they could put into place Total Transformation policies that would make the Iraqi’s purple fingers moot as well. That’s how chain destruction works with dominos.
      The Left thought the Iraqis were just like Democrats, because the tribes told women how to vote and the women voted as the tribal leaders wanted them to. That’s how unions and Demoncrats work. But when the Sunni tribes rejected AQ, the Left’s ally, and started working with BushHitler’s US Marines… that also scared the Cr out of the Left. Like Nazi Germany, the Left would devote their entire existence to destroy such traitors as Iraqis that dared vote for something like a Republican war or status effect. Arming AQ in Syria and Libya so that they would take the fight back to Iraq, was the perfect come back in the minds of Democrats. That would teach American patriots what the costs of war is, kicking them in the teeth with those casualties, yea that would do it.
      As for how I know, it’s as if Obama whispers directly into my ears.

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