Saturday afternoon Open Thread

Five days away from my desk and all Hell broke loose on that surface. I’ve cleared several hundred emails, paid several dozen bills, and done several loads of laundry (my office and the laundry room are one and the same). I discovered things I want to blog about, but I need to reattach myself to my perpetual motion machine for a few hours first. If I don’t get any writing done today, be assured that I will tomorrow.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I find it somewhat amusing whenever you refer to the “Device” as a perpetual motion machine.
    Like certain things from Japanese culture, I don’t actually understand why I feel the way that I do. That’s mysterious part.

  • Ymarsakar

    Since I assume people are boiling away with emotions after… well, after the Left happened in this country, it’s now time to talk about things people can do.
    Which is basically individual training. It doesn’t have to be big, but it’s a lot better on the nerves and your stress health if you got something to do. If you train your body to achieve skills which you will need for survival, that’s a good thing. It doesn’t need to win the war or win the battle, it just has to be something you can do it. And that you do it in the short term.
    After awhile, that kind of activity builds up resources that can then be harnessed, but later. Only later. So even if the entire world betrays you, hates you, and leaves you with unfairness and injustice, at least trust and depend upon your own hard work and people close to you (maybe). Forget everything else. For humanity, everybody that doesn’t have a “face” wasn’t “human” to them. That was a very efficient psychological defense mechanism. As a function of warfare and psychological warfare defenses, it kept people going. It was enough.


    The problem is all inside your head
    She [consult list] said to me
    The answer is easy if you
    Take it logically
    I’d like to help you in your struggle
    To be free
    There must be fifty (eight) ways
    To leave your lover.
    I wanted to be a giraffe until ….
    The Copenhagen Zoo explained its decision to kill, butcher and feed a healthy 2-year-old animal to the lions in front of children.