Marin County residents feeling Obamacare pain

obama-doctor-needleMarin County is enthusiastically Progressive.  In 2008, Barack Obama got 78% of Marin County’s votes.  in 2012, his popularity slipped only slightly, to 74%.  (Funnily enough, up until 1984, Marin was predominantly Republican.  By 1984, the county was split equally, and as of 1988, it’s been reliably Left ever since.)

Part of being enthusiastically Progressive, of course, meant that Marin County went all-in for Obamacare and its state version, Covered California.  Since 2009, with the exception of my small cadre of conservative friends in Marin, everyone else I know has supported it all the way.  And if the bumper stickers I see around are anything to go by, those I don’t know supported it just as enthusiastically.

For those reasons, perhaps you’ll pardon the unseemly schadenfreude I felt when I read this article in the Marin Independent Journal:

Marin residents who have recently signed up for Anthem Blue Cross health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act may have to travel outside the county for medical specialty care.

Kelley Eling of San Rafael said she recently swapped her Blue Shield coverage, which cost her $916 a month with a large deductible, for a gold plan offered by Anthem Blue Cross through California’s new health insurance exchange, Covered California. Eling said she pays just $250 a month for the Blue Cross plan. There is just one problem. Eling said she needs to see a gastroenterologist, and she can’t find one in Marin who is part of Blue Cross’ physician network.

(Read the rest here.)

I have enough decency to feel sorry for each individual suffering from the way in which Obamacare has (quite predictably) destroyed America’s highly functioning healthcare system, even if that individual was dumb enough to support Obamacare.  I also feel deep empathy for those few in Marin who had the wisdom to oppose Obamacare, but were nevertheless screwed by an uninformed, credulous and, it must be said, defrauded population.  Nevertheless, looking at the matter from a distance, without taking into consideration individual dislocation, this serves Marinites right.  Maybe it’s time they start re-thinking that 1988 switch in political party allegiances.

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  • Ymarsakar

    It’s obvious some vote organizers are slacking off. DC had 95+% for Obama. Come on, Marin should be able to at least equal that.

  • JohnC

    And what comes next?
    “It’s not fair! Why can’t the government tell all the doctors they have to take my health insurance?”

  • Charles Martel

    JohnC’s probably right, Book. The idea that Marinites might change their liberal minds ain’t gonna happen. They’re like Maduro down in Venezuela: “I just know there’s a heartless, racist, homophobic, Republican conspiracy behind Obamacare’s problems. Let’s bring down some more executive orders and get things right!”

  • Danny Lemieux

    I agree with Hammer…too many of them are so totally vested in their Utopian ideology that the only way to get them to change their mind is to pry it from their cold dead skulls. For them to admit they have been completely, totally wrong about their world views….no, it won’t happen. I say, leave it to Darwin to sort them out.

  • vanderleun

    Seems to me that the nearly $8000 per year Kelley Eling is saving could pay for A LOT of transportation “out of network…” You know, like to San Francisco, Oakland, or whereever.

  • mcat

    Oh, it’ll never be the fault of Obamacare.  The blame will fall on the “greedy” doctors and the “big, bad insurance companies”.