America’s lousy media and lousy sense of proportion

A couple of days ago, I wrote a lengthy post in which I argued that, during Democrat presidencies, the media constantly elevates non-essential information to top status, thereby keeping America’s attention away from the fact that things are going badly wrong.  During Republican administrations, the press focuses exclusively on hard news, always reported to the administration’s detriment.

Today’s Drudge Report perfectly exemplifies what’s roiling the world (Putin) and what’s roiling the media and the Left (a proposed Arizona law that would allow people who practice traditional religions to refuse to provide their services to gay weddings, which they see as a direct affront to their faith):

Drudge 2-26-14

The bizarre juxtaposition is even more apparent if you look at the Drudge Report on a smart phone:

They’re rattling sabres in a way that presages another Cold War or, worse, a hot war, while our chattering class is incensed that traditional religionists don’t want to be driven into bankruptcy because, while they do not want to be active participants in what is to them a deeply offensive event.

The American media has found its fiddle, even as the world burns down around our ears.

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  • Ymarsakar

    It’s not the Russians people should be afraid of. It’s the Left’s allies, Islamic Jihad.
    An ally has easy access to the green zone of the US. And by that, I don’t mean Iraq, but US cities. There’s a reason for that, and what people don’t know, is what’ll kill em usually.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    I am sure that when the next global explosion or internal jihadi attack occurs, most Americans will admit to being shocked, shocked, shocked at the disruption to their lives. I am beginning to suspect that most Americans are now content to sleepwalk through life, secure in their oh-so-comfortable bubbles and the belief that the world at large cannot impact them in any way. Obama will leave the world in flames and I don’t think that our oceans will protect us this time.

    • Beth

      Goodness I’ve been away too long–Danny, did you just say that? 

      • Ymarsakar

        Why is it surprising Danny would write something like that?

    • Ymarsakar

      It’s just human nature. I see it in other nationalities and cultures.
      If anything bad happens in America, it’ll be the fault of Walker, Christie, Palin, and the right wing conservatives. They’ll be scape goated, riots in the streets will occur as they drag them from their cars and homes, video taping it ala Fallujah or Somalia Mog. Flash riots aren’t just random occurrences, but field tests of certain capabilities and doctrines.
      Even now they are insinuating Gov Walker is “corrupt”. If a bomb drops somewhere, all they need is a goat, a stalking horse, that plants evidence saying it’s “Walker” or the right wingers that did it. Then the security forces will be given a pretext to do what they were secretly ordered to train for. The Domestic Security forces Hussein was so fond of 5 years ago.

  • Charles Martel

    I agree with Danny. I think that Obama is inviting something that we simply could never have conceived of as modern Americans: a military coup. He has become dangerous to our country in an existential sense. His warning to Russia to not use military force to impose its will in Ukraine will probably be the final unmasking of Obama as an unprincipled nancy boy. The man is an amoral coward and is our leader at a time of immense peril.