Thursday afternoon round-up (and Open Thread)

Victorian posy of pansiesYesterday, I was in a blogging frenzy.  Today?  Not so much….  I’m a little depleted after having spent more than an hour trying to reach someone at the Social Security administration to resend my mother’s tax info, which had gotten lost in the mail.  The first half hour was spent trying to figure out how to connect to a human.  The rest of the time was spent waiting to speak to the human.  If this was a business, I’d cease doing business with it.  But it’s not.  It’s a government monopoly and I was trapped.  Sheesh!

I wish I had known beforehand that, today and tomorrow only, I could download for free Dennis Koller’s The Oath. At least I would have been able to while away pleasant my time on hold (although it was hard to concentrate on anything because the SSA has the worst, most crackly, most poorly chosen “hold” Muzak ever created).


One of the hallmarks of tyranny is the attitude that “the end justifies the means.” With this attitude, you give yourself a carte blanche to do anything you like, far from petty little things such as due process, rule of law, morality, decency, etc. That’s why Jamelle Bouie thinks it’s just fine that D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray engaged in unabashed campaign financing corruption — it was for the greater good. If I ever get stopped by a cop for rolling through a stop sign, I’m going to tell him it was for the greater good, since hypermiling, which includes using as few stops and starts as possible, helps save the environment. Yeah, that should get me out of a ticket.


Harry Reid’s increasingly unhinged attacks on the Koch brothers are disturbing at two levels. First, as I mentioned, they’re unhinged. Reid has gone from malevolent and corrupt (only corrupt career politicians become multimillionaires, as he did) to insane. Someone ought to reach out and help him before he needs a straitjacket and padded room. Second, no one is going to help him, because his insanity is representative of the Democrat party as a whole. The whole party has run itself off the rails — and since the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, the madness just keeps rolling. It’s not “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez,” it’s “Laissez En Temps Fous Roulent.”


I’m impressed that American businesses still have the capacity to be “stunned” (The Hill’s words) by Obama’s announcement that he’s going to create a rule mandating overtime pay for management level employees, something that will devastate American productivity. (No kidding. I’ve worked in enough offices to know that the energy in the offices comes from striving mid-level management and executives seeking bonuses, promotions, pay raises, and fame through overtime work.) Obama has attacked businesses from his first day in office. Wouldn’t you think that they’d be used to it now?


The only difference between Obama and Nixon is that Nixon had a hostile press corps — something that arguably saved America as a constitutional republican democracy. Our generation isn’t so lucky.

Obama also has the advantage of an utterly compliant Congress, with complete Dem control in the Senate and complete RINO/Dem control in the House.


In my blogging frenzy yesterday, I wrote that I no longer believe uncorroborated stories about incidents, either positive or negative, involving gays. Too many hoaxes, I said. And right on time comes another story about another hate-crime hoax.


The sexual revolution came about because of the baby boom, the Pill, and antibiotics. The baby boomers are now old and wrinkled, the Pill is being handed out to 12 year olds, and antibiotics no longer work. Regarding that last one, the CDC says gonorrhea is on the verge of going pre-modern and becoming untreatable once again.


There are two problems with the Associated Press. The first is that it’s ubiquitous, providing “news” content for just about every outlet in the world. The second is that it’s almost laughably partisan and dishonest. The only problem with that “laughable” part is that the joke is on American political discourse.


And why not put transexuals in the military? We’ve done everything else we can think of to make it an uncomfortable place for the vast majority of troops who, like most Americans, espouse a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to people’s sexual orientation, but are much less comfortable with being placed at the front line of the culture wars. Our president has made it increasingly obvious that he doesn’t view the military as our defense in a dangerous world; instead, it’s an institution that he can manipulate to his heart’s content to make it conform to his ideas about what an appropriately PC society will look like. It’s not a military; it’s a sociology experiment.


I think the new “nagging mom” meme that the Department of Health and Human Services is using in an effort to encourage young people to enroll in Obamacare is perfect. It’s the visual embodiment of the Left’s belief that American citizens are perpetual children who must be bribed, managed, bullied, and cajoled by their wise parents in the Democrat Party.


My kids have already been watching “The Story of Stuff” in high school. It’s times like this that I’m grateful that they’re not perfect students, paying attention to everything in class.


My friend Rob Miller (aka JoshuaPundit) has appropriately unkind words about Palestinian premier for life Abbas.

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  1. lee says

    When I was an undergrad, idiot young male undergrads would try and justify being sluts by saying that they had a bilogical imoerative to spread it around, “it” being, to their mind, their sperm. I would ask them if by “it” they meant sexually transmitted diseases–and start enumerating: gonorrhea, syphilus, AIDS/HIV, herpes, trichomoniasis, crabs, chlamydia… 
    Since then, these ifiotic “sex weeks” have gotten rampant on campus, and I have a daydream about an interesting, lay-oriented book on std’s written to be along the lines of the popular science books–a cgapter on each, with a readable social history of, a basic biology of, with illustrations. 

      • lee says

        The shear numbering and potential devistation of STD’s SHOULD make someone think twice before hopping into bed. When I was an undergrad, herpes and HIV were the big scare, and the saying was “When you sleep with someone, you are sleeping with every person that person has ever slept with.” It sure made you rethink, no matter how drunk you might be!
        I was pretty lucky, and by comparison to many of my compatriots in collge, quite chaste. (And by today’s standards, I think most of the people I went to school with are chaste compared to today’s undergrads–and some of my fellow students I thought were pretty slutty!) Still, if I could back in time and know then what I know now, I would WAIT UNTIL MARRIAGE.
        This Duke student is such an imbecile. I feel for her parents. Back in the good ol’ days, someone like her would probably be diagnosed and treated for histrionic personality disorder. (But then, pretty much most of the DSM’s 1 through today are a crock…) I also think it’s become so much easier psychologically for young women to justify doing something like that, or being a prostitute (which is what the yound undergrads who get a “sugar daddy” to pay for school really are.)
        I am grew up before this ridiculousness–I only wish the “sexual revolution” hadn’t happend in time for MY college year–and I am glad I don’t have children. For girls, sluttiness is becoming “chic” and for boys, sexuality is becoming malificent. (A word that no one will see on the future SAT’s…)
        What is wrong with this bizarro world?

  2. Libby says

    The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention report on suicide attempts among transgender and non-gender conforming adults (Jan.2014)  found that the while rate for suicide attempts in the general US adult population is about 4.6%, in transgender people, the rate is 41% (46% for trans men).
    How could anyone think that exposing transgendered to the high-stress, weapons-filled environment of the military  is a reasonable idea, for them or for their fellow soldiers? And as with the great idea of putting women on the front lines, how responsible is it for our military leaders to put transgenders in harms way in places much less tolerant than the US?

    • MacG says

      Libby until I read your post I was not too concerned about cohesivness regarding transexuals as they are no longer same sex attracted.  However I think it is a way for Obama to get the govt to pay for reassignment without having to payour from obamacare’s coffers.
      But your comment makes me think that if you combine the trans suicide rates and the suicide rate of the military that will skew those stats. This will only compound the libs arguments of how terrible the military is on the psyche.

  3. says

    The elitists with the power of the press didn’t save anyone during Nixon’s time, even including their own class.
    The more proper term for the hoaxes are false flag operations designed to get a benefit while having some sucker take the blame.

  4. Ron19 says

     It’s not “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez,” it’s “Laissez En Temps Fous Roulent.”
    I just hate it when an English speaking writer, such as Agatha Christie, writing in English for an English speaking readership throws in a foreign word or phrase (without an English translation following) and expects all their readers to know what it means.
    I am usually just plain left out of the narrative.

  5. Tara S says

    Every time a story about a new Obama escapade comes to light with nary a dip in his approval rating from the citizens who are harmed by it, I can’t help but think of this exchange from NewsRadio, after the evil Johnny Johnson’s evilness is exposed:
    Max: Why was he so mean to me? I was just trying to help. [sniffles] My whole world is crumbling!
    Dave: Max, I told you he was evil.
    Max [decidedly]: I forgive him.

  6. Ron19 says

    Isn’t it amazing that in America and the western world the bright young woman in the “Story of Stuff” can be so intractably stupid and ignorant.
    Or is it deliberate?

  7. Libby says

    That “Story of Stuff” reminded me of this one about “sustainability”being injected int the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) 2015 nutrition guidelines (spoiler alert: eating meat=larger carbon footprint).
    And if this wasn’t enough Blair’s Law in action, one of the committee members, Tufts professor Dr. Miriam Nelson, founded an initiative that seeks to drive “social change by empowering women to be agents of change in the area of nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention.” Who knew one could make so darn many  statements – about nutrition, climate change, feminism –  simply with what one’s chooses to eat for lunch?

  8. says

    The Left wishes to ensure that people have no control over themselves or their environment, such as animals on a livestock farm.
    That makes it easier to control things from on top.
    The man or woman that is independent, that doesn’t need to rely upon the farmer for health care, shelter or food, is extremely difficult to control, kill, or take advantage of.

    • JKB says

      And I say we usurp the BanBossy campaign to fight that 
      Michelle Obama:  Ban Bossy
      Bloomberg: Ban Bossy
      ACA mandate:  Ban Bossy
      EPA: Ban Bossy
      Bossy is not a negative depiction of leadership but is a colloquial term for micromanagement

  9. BombthePeasants says

    Since this is an open thread, is anyone watching the final episodes of “Psych”? it’s been a real snowball into stupidity, and I’m bummed about it.

    • says

      The kids introduced me to Psych, and I’ve enjoyed the show’s giddiness.  Charles Martel is correct that the main pleasure is the friendship — and exquisite timing — between Hill and Roday.  They’re the Marx Brothers’ version of the buddy movie.

      I’m disappointed to learn that this last season (which I haven’t watched yet) couldn’t maintain its manic energy and just got stupid.  Most shows go on at least one season too long, leaving on a sour note, instead of a good one.

      Still, any show that can come up with the song “I’ve heard it both ways” deserves to be celebrated:

  10. Charles Martel says

    Bomb, I’m a Psych fan, sorta, and didn’t realize this is the show’s last season. I’m a few episodes behind. I agree that the show has been spinning off into ultra goofiness for some time. I guess there’s really been no place left for it to go except to show off Hill and Roday’s incredible buddiness.
    A lot of TV shows overstay their pull dates. I know from my own viewing that programs that once fascinated me or had me coming back eventually reach the point where the ore has been mined and the writers are obviously reaching. Still, the Psych scene where Guster tries to engage a hottie in conversation by asking, “You heard about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?” is a gem I’ll remember to my death bed.

  11. says

    The good news about untreatable gonorrhea is that after the insanity comes about you won’t have to spend time in a sanitarium or worse like the old days. You could then be more than qualified to work on talking points or press releases for the Democrats or become an anchor on MSNBC. If you cover yourself on camera with excrement and wear tampons as earrings you would be a highly paid public intellectual.

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