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Victorian posy of pansiesI’ve ranted here before about the fact that, when discussing the Left’s insistence that government should be able to give the Pill to young girls, no one mentions how dangerous hormone-based birth control devices are.  It seems, though, that people are finally waking up to the fact that there’s a price to pay for messing with women’s hormones.


Walt Disney was a futurist because he believed that the future would be a wonderful time that would see Americans, and people around the world, enjoying better living through technology. Obama is a futurist too. He envisions a barren, parched wasteland with bazillions of starving people, among whom will be history professors passing judgment on today’s events — hence Obama’s perpetual concern with “being on the right side of history.” What Obama doesn’t grasp is that the world’s bad actors are not futurists. They are “here and now” -ists. Putin, in true George Washington Plunkitt fashion, saw his opportunity and took it, history be damned. What Putin understands, which Obama doesn’t, is that the victors get to write the history.


Back in August 2008, David Goldman foresaw the Russian (and American and Israeli) future. George Bush is not without guilt on this one. America as a whole, has been naive and credulous in dealing with Putin. In 2008, though, no one could have envisioned an American leader quite as bad as Obama. Goldman’s 2008 article posited Russians playing chess and Americans playing Monopoly. Obama, however, has been playing Chutes and Ladders.


In any event, whether the West is playing Monopoly or Candy Land, the Onion has a wonderful satirical piece in which Putin expresses his gratitude.


We all know (and the Left knows too) that Paul Ryan is not a racist for pointing out exactly what Obama pointed out: that American black men live within a damaged and damaging culture. Where Ryan failed, though, was his decision to bob and weave when the usual race-baiters labeled him as a racist. He apologized for being misunderstood and met with black leaders and did the usual sackcloth and ashes routine. What Ryan should have done — what every person of good will should do when the race-baiters call him names — was to come out swinging: “I am not a racist. You are the racist because you refuse to allow anyone to talk about the welfare state’s massive failures. Etc.” The moment anyone apologizes on this one for anything, even using the wrong punctuation, the race-baiters win.


On the subject of racism, affirmative action is one of those racist Leftist evils. While it may have had some merit in the first years after 1964 (and I doubt even that), it’s become poison in the decades since then. For more than fifty years, it’s told both whites and minorities that the latter need not try as hard because the system will raise them up anyway.  This is a terrible message. Up until affirmative action, disfavored American groups raised themselves up by working twice as hard and by competing head-on with the entrenched classes. That’s the way to break racism (or anti-Catholicism or anti-Semitism). You try harder; you don’t try less hard. According to John Fund, it might be that some people are finally figuring this out.


Incidentally, affirmative action is why Obama got elected and it’s one of the reasons he will never be impeached. With that kind of job security, Obama doesn’t need to work hard and can, during the hours he does deign to work, go about freely de-valuing America.


I liked 300. A lot. I didn’t get to see the end though. With only 10 minutes to go, the liberal friend with whom I was watching it said, “This is disgusting,” turned the TV off, took out the disk, put it in the Netflix mailer, and that was that. I liked the movie for precisely the reasons Andrew Klavan liked it. I also fail to see how any sequel could work. The Spartan stand at Thermopylae was a unique moment in history. Any subsequent film will just be about a battle, not about an idea.


My son said that kids at his school are saying that the endless coverage about the missing Malaysia Airline is to cover for the debacle (from America’s viewpoint) in the Ukraine. Smart kids. The DiploMad says the same thing.


Daniel Greenfield has an extended, thoughtful, detailed, accurate, depressing rumination on the death cult lying at Islam’s heart.

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  1. barbtheevilgenius says

    I was on high doses of birth control for a couple of months to control certain issues, then had surgery. The doctor was very careful about every effort being made to lessen the risk of blood clots. Of course, I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I brought up my own concerns to her, since I lost a (male) friend due to a blood clot. The contraceptive/abortion industry is culpable in that they treat contraceptives and abortion as practically risk free, but women should also do their own research. Especially since information is so easily available on the Internet.

  2. says

    Farmers feed growth hormones to chickens and livestock, in order for them to grow fat, faster, and become better eating.
    The Left’s Totalitarian doctrine feeds hormones to women in order to make them better sex slaves, porn actresses, and convenient toys for the Left’s upper and lower echelon members.
    I guess people didn’t want to connect the dots. They knew or didn’t know about a microwave, but had no idea how a microwave could be used as a time travel machine. It was not within their field of expertise, so they turned their brain off.
    Critical thinking requires inter discipline comprehension. Not the kind of specialized broth fed to the AAA chickens.
    As for B Hussein O, he’d have to be a futurist to understand what the future is to begin with.
    Not apologizing for the Left’s dominion over racism is correct.
    I believe I remember when your “friend” was, Book, over 300. Since I think we were all there when you wrote about it. The sequel, as most military historians would know, would be either the Battle of Palatea or the Battle of Salamis, in parallel. The Gates of Fire would be the sacrifice for an ideal, and the victory at Palatea would be the vindication of the ideal. I didn’t like the plotting for 300, it was too American comic book edgy darkness. I learned about Thermopylae years before popular culture figured out what a “Spartan” was.

  3. says

    Many blacks are “proud” of their culture, language, and/or skin color.
    But nobody has told them how they have wasted the sacrifice of the blacks that served America in WWII. You don’t get a say in what to do about the pie if you aren’t helping to bake it.
    This is their pride? This is the Black’s Weakness. And they don’t want anyone talking about because they know in their heart that it is because they are WEAK.
    And it’ll take more than 10 black thugs to shut me up, btw. They’d better bring their army as well, because they’ll need it.

  4. Matt_SE says

    Young girls aren’t the only ones being fed hormones. Have you seen/heard all the ads for male testosterone? IMO, this *can’t* be good for a man. Aging is a natural process, and even if we don’t understand why, there are reasons that testosterone falls. Even if I’m wrong about that and it’s completely harmless to the man, what are the societal implications of 80 year-old men able to father children? This won’t end well.
    I agree with your son. I don’t care for the coverage given to that flight. It shows an unseemly lack of self-control for people to be waiting breathlessly for the next rumor. It will resolve itself in due course, so there’s no need for us to be distracted by it.

    • says

      Estrogen and testosterone supplements for people that are old enough to need it, is a health boost.
      There are many human bio systems that rely upon those two things to regulate themselves well. Bones, for example, become brittle without estrogen for women.
      Males use testosterone for a lot of things, sexual energy is only a side goal. For longevity, hormone treatments are very cheap for the effective result. Many of the Ancients sought the “youth elixir” and it turns out that estrogen and testosterone were it.
      The problem comes in that because they are artificial, the matter of who controls them is argued. If they were natural, then the body would control the secretion. As such, humans without much education or knowledge, follow other people’s advice on what is good. Which, as always, is like obeying the Government. Sometimes it works and sometimes they raid you and accidentally kill you.

  5. Charles Martel says

    I agree with Matt_SE’s comments about older men and testosterone supplements. Growing old and dying are the two things every culture and its members have to deal with. When I see late-night TV ads, they are almost all skewed toward older people who are facing the ravages of aging—drugs for this and that, cosmetic applications and creams, aids for walking or discreetly pissing.
    Earlier in the evening, the ads skew toward middle-aged women or women on the verge of middle age who are facing the onset of wrinkles and the loss of deep youth. And as our society becomes more effeminate and metrosexualized, ads aimed at men also appeal to their desire to be able to enter their 50s and 60s and still have access to good looking babes. 
    At some point, though, the masks of hormonal therapy and cosmetic devices fall off. You’re just plain old. Nature gave you youth, which you may or may not have applied to reproduction, and now your time is up. Other genetic sequences now get to have their day in the sun/under the covers. Understanding and reconciling yourself to that simple fact of life saves a lot of fretting and pointless regrets.
    Do I envy the young people I see? Not really. I wish I had their vigor and insouciance when it comes to hard physical activity, and I certainly admire their form and energy. But I also feel a certain wistfulness—they don’t know how fleeting youth is, and that in only a few years they’ll asking themselves how it passed so quickly. This isn’t to say that older people should be constantly intoning warnings to them about not wasting or misspending youth. Each person has to live his own life via direct experience, and all the cautionary tales and advice in the world cannot live another person’s life for him.
    Circling back: If an old man impregnates a young woman, he is serving himself only. The point is to show that he is still virile, not any desire to be a loving father. A loving father would take into account the cruelty of siring a child despite the statistical probability of him not being around during its most formative years.

  6. says

    There are few if any ads for human growth hormones.
    There are a lot of ads for cialis and viagra, to the point websites like this one ban the words in comments as part of spam protection.
    So I’m going to take a guided leap and say that Matt and Martel’s “ads” are viagra types. The idea that those are “hormones” is a different and more serious problem.

  7. Charles Martel says

    Ymarsakar, I should have been more specific about what I was referring to with the expression “hormonal therapy.” I was alluding to Matt’s  mention of testosterone, which certainly is a hormone. While I see a lot of Viagra and Cialis ads on TV, they’ve been there for years. The testosterone craze is newer. Viagra is for forcing one organ to perform youthfully; testosterone is for trying to delay aging itself.

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