The horrible racism hurled at conservative blacks

Kudos to liberal Fox commentator Juan Williams for (a) having a home with sufficient intellectual diversity that his son could choose to be a conservative and (b) castigating in broad and informative terms the hate-filled mindset that the Left, especially the black Left, uses against conservative blacks:

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    Rwanda on the Potomac.

  • Ymarsakar

    Does he think that by backing Obama’s care, he is able to say such things now without license? I wouldn’t bet on that, given the Left’s black ops branch.

  • Ymarsakar

    If people haven’t noticed this, but Book is light years ahead of those 2 on stage.
    “They were surprised” they say. The Left is “name calling”, Juan thinks.
    The Left is not name calling. You are a roach to them, not human. Thus they don’t care what you “think”.
    Those in the know aren’t surprised. And they realize that the Leftists mean what they say, often times literally. But those that know the secrets of the Left, are only 3% of any general population. It’s a rarity.
    The talking heads have “seen it a thousand times”, yet they cannot connect the dots. Those here are much better at connecting the dots.

  • Mike Devx

    Juan Williams has shown from time to time that he’s willing to step away from the liberal doctrinaire line.  He occasionally has a divergent opinion…
    I have to wonder, if he didn’t have a son who somehow grew up conservative, what his position would be about black conservatives.  When the vicious prejudice affects someone you love, it tends to hit deeply.

    • Ymarsakar

      It’s like the boot of the Left smashing your child’s head in.
      But often times, not even that will conduct a full deconditioning and cleansing of a zombie. Rational thought merely flickers on and then off.

    • SADIE

      It’s a larger issue than divergent opinions. Waaay back when I was in high school, the internecine war was between light skinned and dark skinned blacks. It later changed to include college educated vs non-college educated. AND during all of this time, there has been the women vs men vs women, marrying up and marrying down and not to neglect the generational gaps that have added fuel to the fire with race-baiting propellants, i.e., Revs Jackson and Sharpton, who are no more than Americas version of Joseph Kony or Idi Amin.

      • Ymarsakar

        Race baiting arsonists all right.
        The time is long delayed for the execution scaffolds. There will be a time that Americans will find a 80% sacrifice rate in bureaucracy to be a cheap price to pay for security and prosperity. Right now, they aren’t able to stomach the costs.

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