The other offensive thing about that Shipman-Carney photo

I have mentioned before that I have the smartest readers.  I got more proof of that today:

Recently Drudge and American Thinker had articles on the Jay Carney and Claire Shipman household having old Soviet propaganda posters displayed in their kitchen/great room.

That’s not what stunned me. What caught my eye was the amount of food displayed on the counter for breakfast for a family of four. Good Grief!! What a carb overload! and the amount of butter! I realized that this was a staged photo but still…….

According to the administration 1 in 6 are hungry, 50 million or so are on food stamps, etc,, etc, etc. Aren’t we told about starving Americans every day and how we must sacrifice to help them? Isn’t this picture insensitive to those who don’t have enough to eat? Or eat that well?

Not to mention Michelle O’s campaign to “persuade” Americans to eat natural and healthy. The only healthy things I see are the strawberries (pricey), the orange juice (pricey), and the egg (notice that it’s brown, ergo probably free range or otherwise organic, and pricey.)

If this picture featured a conservative couple instead of a liberal power couple, can you imagine the outrage that would ensue?

Well, now that you mention it….

Shipman and Carney

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  • Libby

    There’s so much about the photos and article that are tone deaf. The casual display of the propaganda posters so prominently in the kitchen-breakfast nook is creepy. The excessive food placement is comical. But there’s also:
    * Shipman’s explanation of how she and Carney made such an effort figuring out how to correctly parent and support their daughter. Hello, boys need  attention and emotional support, too. Does her book cover confidence-building for boys?
    *In the bulleted list at the end (I assume these a repeated in each Mom profile):
    “I Absolutely Won’t Let Kids . . . They can never treat people badly. Being rude or less than caring produces draconian consequences and much-dreaded family meetings.”
    Um, has she or the kids even seen how Carney treats the press every day?

  • Ymarsakar

    Do you notice that the color coordination is blue, for blue Democrats, but communist posters are red?

  • Gringo

    Yes, the article is tone-deaf to most of the country, but it is written for circulation in the Washington, DC area, where it will go over just fine.

  • Indigo Red

    What caught my eye was not just the unconscionable amount of food, but the type of food. It’s all carbohydrates! Are they trying to kill themselves with obesity and diabetes? However, that is the government recommended diet and the posters are a reminder of that government. 


     Smile – you’re on Candid Camera not being very candid.
    Via IJR:, I’m sure you came here just to see a disembodied finger, and I won’t disappoint you on that score. The politico in question is Obama’s condescending Press Secretary, Jay Carney, who regularly berates reporters in his quest to subvert and manipulate the truth in service to his master. In a profile of Carney’s wife in the magazine Washingtonian Mom, this photo of the loving family appears. Cute, isn’t it? But, as savvy Twitter users noticed almost immediately, the picture is photoshopped…

  • expat

    I was also bothered by the fact that Shipman is a good friend and a co-author with Katty Kay, the woman who interprets America for the world on the BBC.

  • Ymarsakar

    No idea who Carney was until I started reading this stuff.
    That should tell everyone here how dense my firewalls are.

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