1. Call me Lennie says

    Oh Swine-ish Me, where are my manners?  Actually, Bookie, I was off the grid for a couple of days and didn’t notice your gracious comment until right now.  I thank you most effusively for that.
    I actually penned that little bit of doggerel right around the time the events being satirized occurred.  I’d leave bits and pieces of it in comment sections all over.  Then I discovered how to use the facilities of the “Collective Blog” over at The People’s Cube which allow you to punch up your post with satirical graphics.  You also get more exposure; the post in question probably has 2000 page views by now.
    I also posted a companion piece to this one called “From The First Letter of Saul to the BO-rinthians.”   This is a take-off of the First letter of Paul to the Corinthians (one of the finest passages in Bible BTW) where Paul talks of love as the greatest of all virtues.  I turn this on its head and make the subject matter about envy.
    Then in the sixth comment down, I out-do myself, so you’ll probably get a kick out of that as well


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