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Victorian posy of pansiesAn unexpected errand is calling me out of the house in a few minutes. Until then, some quick links:

Harvard is now mandating that all students entering its Kennedy school of government must take an official class telling the whites that they’re unduly privileged and everyone else that they’re victims of this privilege. (I know that’s not what the course description says, but it’s what’s going to happen.) Does anyone find it amusing that this is happening at the Kennedy School of Government? The Kennedys, after all, have been for decades the most decadent example of privilege in America.


Kurt Schlichter has the perfect antidote for this “privilege” insanity, and it’s not anger or retreat — it’s in-your-face pride and humor.


Of course, this new world of white privilege sounds the death knell for acts of anarchic genius such as Blazing Saddles. When I saw it in England, I was the only one laughing, because I was the only one who got the American/Yiddish jokes. Were you to show it in a theater now, people would be afraid to laugh.

Gotta run. More later.

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  • MacG

    “Though Mody has been critical of her institution, she also has empathy for students who might only be realizing their privilege for the first time. “If what you’ve been told all your life is you’re really talented and you deserve what you have, it’s going to be really hard to find out ’Maybe I don’t deserve it, and all these other people equally deserve it but never even had a shot,’” she said. “Schools are not giving students a space to manage that loss of identity.””
    Ack. So what’s the solution?  Prevent whites from having opportunities?  There are PLENTY of whites that fail badly even with such ‘privilege’.  Classist warfare at its worst, at its best it the unintended consequence will be like the kids today that tell their parents that they will call Child Protective Services on them if they don’t ‘let me do what I want to do’.  We have got to stop with the racial pie chart neatly divided into the colors where they belong.  People of character survive despite being out gunned. They kick against the boards and make a way and do not go running to the nanny crying it’s not fair, boo hoo, make THEM stop!  Nobody it seems wants to squeeze the lemons life gives them anymore and so the only way they will have lemonade is if it squeezed by someone else into concentrate for them, get someone else to open the can for them because it’s too cold to handle…better stop now…

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    “Does anyone find it amusing that this is happening at the Kennedy School of Government? ”
    Amusing isn’t the word I would use.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Left understands that there will never be an equal society. They convince their cannonfodder that equality is an achievable goal. In reality, what they want isn’t elimination of discrimination but control over discrimination. They want to be the ones controlling who gets jobs, who gets fired, and who gets crucified for speaking heresy. The Left doesn’t care about which homosexuals, blacks, or others are pissed on. The Left only cares that they are doing the aiming.