Alumnus sends an appropriate response to a begging letter from his alma mater

I have no idea whether an alumnus really sent this letter when his university came after him for a donation or if is just a letter someone dreamed of sending.  Regardless, it’s good:

What graduates should say to their university

Hat tip:  Tickld

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  • Ymarsakar

    The think the whole parent living house thing was too much internet culture.

  • raymondjelli

    Why is that a lot of the things I relate to are the things I wouldn’t want to relate to at all? Like this letter. If you want to know how bad things really are be in a B2B capacity. There is no one to sell to.

  • Charles Martel

    I think the bloom is off the higher education rose. Instapundit regularly reports on colleges that are having recruitment difficulties, and there was a recent article about how Google is now avoiding recent college graduates like the plague in its hiring practices—the kids are too lacking in thinking skills, literacy, curiosity, basic knowledge, and motivation. What the hell kind of person voluntarily sits for four years during his early adulthood watching theoreticians pontificate on stuff they know little about, and accepting restrictions on his speech and thought from pompous-ass administrators? Better to hire a kid who’s been out there in the fray dealing with the real world and whose intelligence hasn’t been corseted and co-opted by the bien pensants

  • Blick4343

    I never get the Alumni thing.  I paid for my college education and got a degree. That was the deal — money for access to knowledge, pass and get degree. Why I am somehow obligated to support  my college since then. Have they added anything of value to my degree since graduation?  Why should I have an emotional attachment to the football team, to new students, to alumni parties to the old dorm, the old college science building?  The college wasn’t emotionally attached to me when I was there and still  aren’t, except as a potential money donor.  Was it a fun time while I was there? Sure, but I paid for it. Why should I still be paying for it?  

    • Bookworm

      Blick4343:  I know exactly what you mean.  I think it’s based upon the “pay it forward” idea.  Or, as Elizabeth Warren would say, “You didn’t build that just with your tuition money.”  Of course, since I hated Berkeley, the notion of sending it money is laughable.  I used to pay it forward for the University of Texas, but I stopped doing so when the Leftist voices got so loud that, even in the Red state of Texas, you couldn’t ignore them anymore.

      • Ymarsakar

        An actual alumni system is what the Japanese have, where retired high school baseball players come watch the games of people who are in the same shoes. They are also given limited access to the campus, to provide mentorship to younger individuals that wish it.
        Paying it forward requires a person to learn how to command subordinates and how to take orders from their superiors, in an unbroken line of succession.
        The Left is not such a system, it is a top down hierarchy based upon totalitarian slavery. They aren’t paying anything forward, other than human sacrifices.

  • jj

    The thing that astonishes me is how they find you.  If Bin Laden had attended an American university, the alumni association would have found him an a week.  The SEALs could have had him in a body bag by about September 20th if only he’d been a US student.  We moved 3000 miles, didn’t tell a single school where we’d gone, but they’ve all been arriving in our mailbox with regularity since – practically – the day we got here.  The FBI spent years looking for the Unabomber; I bet every year the whole time he heard from wherever it was he went to school, looking for money.

  • lee

    1) My dad had successfully ducked his alma mater four twenty years plus until… He took a class at the local U. Shortly afterwards, the coronated a new university president and for the festive parade, they wanted representatives from all sorts of colleges. As my dad was the only local shlub, I mean, alumnus of his alma mater, he got taped for the honor. (He also confused other people in the procession: he was the only guy in a bachelors hood.) Anyhow… The alumni association started bugging him for money. Finally, he told them that three guy they were calling had passed away. About fifteen years later, his fortieth class reunion comes up. His best friend from college, and best man at his wedding, calls my mom, seemingly out of the blue. My dad was listed under the “In Memorium” section, and his friend was calling to offer condolences…
    2) I took a summer course at Cal once, and a couple of months later, I got a call from the alumni association trying to tap me for money! I thought that was a bit cheeky. Well, I have a somewhat unusual name, and it turns out that someone with the same name DID graduate from Cal–in 1965! (For several years, they had my address and phone number in the alumni directory. I did meet her finally about give years ago.)
    3) I got a call a couple of months ago from my alumni association. Asking me for money. Of course. I started chatting with the young woman on the phone. Now, when I was an undergrad there, a million users ago, students VOLUNTEERED to call alumni. It was a rite of passage in order to get tapped to join the Student Foundation. Now, it’s A PAYING GIG! What happened to the student volunteers?
    4) When I first graduated, I got a call from the school asking me for money. The young volunteer (it was a volunteer back then) started off by asking for a thousand dollars. I stated laughing so hard! Id laughing so head, I could barely breathe! (I did feel sorry for the volunteer–first timers, with no connections in the Student Foundation, got handed the stack of cards of those least likely to donate. Which would include a fresh graduate with a degree in theater. (The memory still make me chuckle pretty good.)

    • lee

      1) FOR twenty years plus… (NOT “four”)
      2) THEY coronated… 
      3) He got TAPPED for the honor. (NOT “taped”)
      4) THE guy they were calling… (NOT “three”)
      5) I STARTED laughing so hard! (NOT ” stated”)
      6) I WAS laughing so HARD…

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