Andrew Klavan explains why Democrats call conservatives “racist”

I always enjoy Andrew Klavan’s videos, but this may well be one of the best he’s ever done. With sly sarcasm and wit, he quickly and neatly exposes the rank hypocrisy and disdain for blacks that has animated the Democrat party for more than 150 years:

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  1. says

    US Civil War I did not completely erase slavery. It’s because the plantation masters were left alive to regain their political and cultural power. Allow one of them to live, and see what happens.
    Allow one Leftist in your organization and see what happens.
    The Democrat party controlled the Old South with promises that the superior Southern aristocratic way of life was good for humanity, that black slaves were born to be field workers, that blacks are the happiest people on Earth because they are slaves, with no freedom to think and no responsibility to do so.

  2. says

    Can an atheist be a conservative?
    That’s was an interesting video side link.

    There are different kinds of atheism. And I mean real ones, not hybrid versions of Leftist cons. 1. God existed, but is now dead because… X
    2. God never existed, everything is made from individual power.
    As for why people believe in individual power if they refuse to believe in God’s existence, or a Final Power or a First Cause, it can merely go down to strength. After all, a supernova doesn’t need God’s approval or God’s existence, either for or against. It just needs power. If there is power, there is a supernova, the mechanism can be argued over but not the power.
    War, fighting, and killing thus determines who is right, if there is no God or higher authority except individual will.
    In quantum mechanics, the Dirac sea phenomenon where observed existence only becomes solid when observed by an observer, would apply to human will irregardless if God exists. This goes into the Deus Ex Machina phenomenon, where humanity makes a god or humanity makes itself into a god.
    Since I’m a Deist, a slightly different application of the agnostic, I’ve seen these questions tackled. But many of them weren’t done in English.

  3. JKB says

    I’m reading “Invisible Armies” by Max Boot.  It is a treatise on guerrilla warfare.  On interesting insight was his pointing out the European colonists/Americans were in a 300 year guerrilla war with Native Americans with both sides conducting unconventional operations and atrocities.  
    But to point here, I found this passage illuminating in the chapter on terrorism:
    KKK “dens” (i.e., terrorist cells) sprang up spontaneously, as did similar organizations such as the Knights of the White Camellia, the Pale Faces, and the White Brotherhood.  “Klu Klux” became a generic label for paramilitary organizations whose goal was to expel Republican from offic and to replace them with Democrats who would institute white-supremacist policies.  The KKK was, in effect, the military arm of the Democratic Party, just as the Irish Republican Army would be the military arm of Sinn Fein.  

    • says

      JKB:  Boot had a fascinating insight there.  I’ve rolled it around in my mind a few times, and don’t actually see any flaws in that interpretation about the relationship between the KKK and the Democrat Party, as compared to the IRA and Sinn Fein.

  4. says

    The Dems offloaded a lot of responsibility on the heads of Robert E. Lee and Nathan B Forrest. The Old South believed in these patriots and military men, as was intended, but both Lee and Forrest had little to no actual power or influence over the political and cultural landscape. They were convenient scape goats for the regime back then. Even to the point now that people blame Forrest for founding the KKK, even though Forrest wanted the KKK to obey laws, to reconstruct the destroyed economy, and to work with Northerners, not kill Republicans or lynch blacks for Democrat rule. The people who didn’t like slavery or fought against it in the Confederacy, are now blamed for all the evils of the COnfederacy, while the true masterminds are busy lynching blacks, or funding the KKK, like Robert KKK Byrd Demon Senator for life. He doesn’t get the blame. Forrest gets the blame. How convenient. Forrest is dead and he would probably have tried to stop the Dems from fomenting racism and evil ideas in his home state.
    The Southern Democrats never advocated the replacement of Republican military governors with nominations of Lee or Forrest. At least, those that wished to see such solutions and reforms, were vetoed out of existence. Thus “freedom from Republican tyranny” was the propaganda call of Reconstruction, but the reality was different. If they merely wanted Confederates in charge of policy to oversee how best to integrate blacks into their politics and economy, there were plenty of Confederate patriots like Lee and Forrest around to do it. But the Democrats got rid of those people, conveniently enough.
    To this day, people think their ancestors in the South fought for freedom in the US Civil War. Just as the slaves thought they were free in 2008 America. Just as the houseslaves in 1850 thought their race/class was born to be subjugated to the superior white man’s rule. Just as Southern Aristocrats thought Northern Republicans were weak pukes, so they gave them a canning like one would a misbehaving slave or animal, rather than a proper duel of honor.
    People may wonder at the state of things in US circa 2012. Well, those that don’t want to learn from history, will learn by repeating history.

  5. Charles Martel says

    I used to be a Democrat, so let me explain what bit of mental legerdemain a Dem will engage in if you point out that the KKK and Jim Crow were Democratic creations: “Actually, southern Democrats were closet Republicans. The proof is that after the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, millions of Democrats re-registered as Republicans. This proves that they were GOP all along, even dating back to Civil War days.”

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