Are conservatives guilty of grossly double standards regarding Obama and Bergdahl?

One of my real me Facebook friends posted this.  What do you think?  Is there a double standard here?

Bush released Gitmo detainees too

I think the difference is that, this time, the military was deeply offended.  A president whom they’ve learned not to trust, decided at a time when his habit of preemptive surrender is weakening them in the field, to release five highly dangerous prisoners and, moreover, he used a man they believe is a deserter to justify his decision.

Insofar as Abu Sufian bin Qumu is concerned, as best I can tell, he was just a low-level player when he was released, as were all the other detainees the DemProgs were insisting Bush cut loose in what they characterized as an “endless war.”  That a significant number of these low-level former Gitmo residents immediately re-took up arms against America proved that conservatives were correct all along — a lesson Obama seems not to have learned.

Anyway, that’s my theory for why the above poster misses the mark.  Any more information and ideas from you?

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  • Libby

    Bush wasn’t negotiating with the Taliban, right? So he was not providing a PR coup to the enemy. Also, he was clearing out the low-level, less dangerous detainees. You can’t do a 1:1 comparison of prisoner release stats since the ones remaining since 2009 are the highest risk/most dangerous.
    Also, last July Obama released 5 Gitmo detainees as a goodwill gesture to start discussions with the Taliban:,7340,L-4411028,00.html

  • Indigo Red

    The poster is correct, but it’s another false equivalency.
    The Bush era prisoners were very early in the war and people were swept up in dragnets that ordinarily would not have been arrested or detained. Many were, as was later determined, innocents accused by greedy or vengeful neighbors who wanted the land, women, and property of the accused. I recall a father and teenage son held in Guantanamo on the strength of the testimony of a few townsfolk who were afraid of the boy because he was autistic or mentally retarded. They thought he was  some kind of witch. Others were on the battlefield because the Taliban had threatened to kill their families if they didn’t fight. False accusations and mistaken identities were rife in the early days. We’ve a better grasp of who is and isn’t a combatant and for whom they are fighting.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left screamed all the time for Bush to release people from GitMo, citing civil rights issues. Now they say somebody was released that shouldn’t have been… you’ve got to be kidding me. All those Navy lawyer pukes defending Taliban and AQ fighters, that’s the American legal justice system at work. 

    • Libby

      IIRC, some of the defense attorneys representing Gitmo detainees worked in Eric Holder’s law firm, and some of them followed him to the DoJ. Also, some of the detainee lawyers (no idea if they’re the same ones) worked with the ACLU in their John Adams project to track and identify CIA interrogators and then pass on the photos/details to the Gitmo detainees. Interesting coincidences – representing terrorists and outing CIA personnel, huh?

    • Indigo Red

      All those “Navy lawyer pukes” are under orders to defend the Gitmo detainees. There’s also the professional ethics thing.
      Some have made their personal objections quite clear, but the law requires the defendant have legal representation and they’re it.

      • Ymarsakar

        That’s the American legal system at work.

  • Ymarsakar

    Never defend on the attack line that the Left gives you, because when you do, you still fall into the trap. Always attack them to bypass their attacking line.

  • Rick

    Were the Bush era releases done with congressional approval, or by way of executive fiat? 

    • Indigo Red

      Neither. Obama signed the Congressional 30 day notification law last year. Also note, the law only requires notification, not approval.

  • 11B40

    What about President Obama having the benefit of President Bush mistakes to learn from.  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • MacG

      Now Obama can say Bush was right for once…or he can blame Bush for setting a bad example…it’s a win-win for Obama at least in his mind.

  • sabashimon

    Just introducing myself as a longtime reader, and great admirer. Please keep up the good work, Lord knows we need more like you in this long term and vital fight.
    sabashimon (AKA sabasarge)

    • Bookworm

      Thank you so much, sabashimon! I guess since you’re a long time reader, it’s a bit late to say “Welcome!” but I’ll say it anyway. I’m glad you’re here.

  • MacG

    How about this: I find interesting that the President with the highest IQ evah could not learn from the mistakes of the dumbest President ever.

  • Ymarsakar

    Ask this of yourself first.
    Do the Left and their Demoncrat minions even have the STANDING to call our history into this?

  • nahab

    First off, I’m not so sure conservatives were happy about the releases under Bush. Second off, if we know that Abu yaba daba doo was involved in Benghzi, then why isn’t Obama righting that wrong?
    At the end of the day, the fundamental difference is that Obama negotiated with terrorists to release a hostage. Not a POW – a hostage. If he was held by the Taliban you could argue that he was a POW held by a power that at least some recognized as a legitemate government and was therefor a POW.He wasn’t though, so at best he was a hostage, at worst a traitor to an iligitemate, illegal terrorist organization.

  • Ymarsakar

    Is the Taliban even listed by State as a terrorist org? If not, then they can’t be holding hostages now, can they.

  • qr4j

    My gut tells me the detainees Mr. Bush released were considered low-level combatants.  Even if my gut were wrong, however, using Mr. Bush’s release of detainees as cover for releasing five terrorist ringleaders doesn’t cut it. 
    For the sake of argument, perhaps Mr. Bush’s actions were wrong; perhaps Republicans should have been more outraged by his actions.  Wrong actions and absence of outrage do NOT justify Obama’s actions.
    It amazes me that the Left would use actions of Mr. Bush — whom they loathe and deem as stupid and evil — to justify actions of Obama.  What will the Left say when one of the five terrorists commits acts of terror against others, including — but not limited to — Americans?  Will they think getting Bergdahl back was a fair price to pay for the murder of more innocents?

    • Ymarsakar

      The Left does as they are told. Thinking isn’t allowed. When they are weakened and about to be destroyed, they ask for mercy, because that is our principle. When we are weakened and about to be destroyed, the Left gives no mercy, for that is their principle.
      If terrorists kill Americans, they will say, “what difference does it make at this point”.

  • Ymarsakar

    Instead of trying to wrestle with a bigger man’s strength, Book, why don’t you just kick them in the knees where they weren’t looking.
    That’s what Michelle Malkin is doing to Hollywood (the Left’s primary source of war funding for the rape of humanity).

    Summary breakdown.
    —Last year, child actor Corey Feldman sounded the alarm on rampant pedophilia in a brave, scathing memoir. He recounted how his best friend and co-star, the late Corey Haim, was sodomized by an older male on the set of their hit film “Lucas.” The boys, fed cocaine by a string of predators, attended parties with Hollywood talent manager and child actors’ rep Marty Weiss. Now a registered sex offender, Weiss pleaded no contest in 2012 to lewd acts on a child under the age of 14. The victim, another young child actor, alleged Weiss sexually assaulted him between 30 and 40 times from the age of 11.
    —Registered sex offender Jason Murphy, a Hollywood casting agent, had kidnapped and molested an 8-year-old boy before joining the industry.
    —Boy band impresario Lou Pearlman was a con artist and sleazeball who hosted sleepover parties wearing only a towel and solicited massages from young male singers. “Certain things happened, and it almost destroyed our family,” boy band star Nick Carter’s mother told Vanity Fair years ago. “I tried to warn everyone.”
    —Former child actor Todd Bridges, of “Diff’rent Strokes” fame, says he was abused by his agent.
    —Former teen pop princess Debbie Gibson has spoken of “older male record executives” who hit on her while she was still underage.
    —Despite disturbing and longstanding allegations of molestation and rape, directors Woody Allen and Roman Polanski still enjoy professional acclaim and adoration of their peers.
    —Perv fashion photographer Terry Richardson continues to enjoy the support of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus despite years of allegations of misogyny, manipulation and sexual misconduct against young models.
    If all of these sickos had been Catholic priests, college fraternity members or charter school teachers, we wouldn’t have heard the end of it. Perhaps the social justice awareness-raisers in the Hollywood left should take a break from pointing fingers at everyone else — and put a stop to the monsters in their own midst.
    So that’s what people are funding when they pay Hollywood. That’s why the MPAA is controlling the net. That’s why the MPAA exists, to protect copyrights, for without copyrights, they can’t have the power and wealth to sex up little boys. These aren’t pedos. These are HOMOSEXUALS. They are Hollywood and the LEft’s “secret weapon” they put in the Catholic Church, and want to put in the boy scouts.
    And people continue to stick their head in the sand, pretending that there is no War on Humanity by the Leftist alliance. Look around you. The evidence is clear.

  • Mike Devx

    I agree, it is my impression that the Bush releases were people caught up in dragnet type sweeps – you could say they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Under suspicion, they were detained.  We held them long enough to *try* to accumulate evidence against them.  When we couldn’t, whether they were innocent or guilty, given the absence of evidence, we released them.
    That *some* of them were guilty and returned to battle should come as no surprise.
    Obama swaps five that we know are guilty, and we know will return to the fight.  For a deserter.  Do liberals really want to play moral equivalency games with this one?

    • Ymarsakar

      The Demoncrats do what they were told to do. They were told 2+2=5 and that Bush’s hypocrisy means Republicans have no standing to question Hussein on this issue.
      Trying to argue with zombies as they eat your brains, isn’t very productive.

      • Mike Devx

        Ymar, I think this is propaganda aimed not at Demoncrats but at the vast unconvinced middle.  They come up with some surface-level bullshit facts that appear damning.  But in this case, you only have to scratch the surface a little bit to expose the deception.
        But you DO have to confront and reply, or they get away with it.
        Keep it short and simple.  Something like: “Bush released detainees because we could not find evidence of guilt against them.  Obama traded five clearly guilty, high-level, and very dangerous Taliban for a deserter.”

        • Ymarsakar

          They were told to aim the propaganda at a specific target. Thus the propagandists themselves are under propaganda. It’s a chain.

        • Ymarsakar

          When people recognize and accept Bush as their authority and seek to defend him, the Left’s propaganda is emboldened and people believe more in Leftist propaganda. Their faith in the LEftist regime is reinforced when they have a known enemy, like Bush’s authority, to attack.
          People like to contest, strength against strength, vs the Left. But their propaganda and psychological warfare capabilities are very weak, objectively, compared to the Left’s. Such people will never win, for they have violated almost every single one of Sun Tzu’s principles.

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