Rockets in Israel Open Thread


The words “depressing,” or even “apocalyptic” don’t seem to do justice to today’s news. I’ve heightened my own anxiety by downloading to my smart phone an Israeli app called “Red Alert.” Designed for Israelis, it pings their phone every time a rocket attack is launched from Gaza against Israel. The hope is that it buys every citizen a precious few extra seconds to seek shelter. The app has gone off 25 times in the last 18 hours, with it going off three times in just the last hour. The last rockets would have reached Tel Aviv but for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. My kids call the app irritating, which it is, but I’m trying to get them to understand just a little bit what it’s like to live under siege. Israel, afraid of international condemnation, is just sitting and taking these relentless attacks.

The news overall is depressing. The border crisis Obama engineered, which is going to end with him unilaterally granting amnesty to hundreds of thousands of prospective Democrat voters and current “Cloward-Piven system destroyers” also sits tenuously between depressing and apocalyptic — and that’s not even counting the diseases, drugs, deviants, and criminals included in that vast migration. I keep thinking of the Vandals pouring south into Rome, destroying what was left of the Western half of that once powerful empire.

Interestingly, the same Marinites who are adamantly opposed — and increasingly vocal in their opposition — to any new development in Marin are apparently copacetic with the deluge of future American residents. Talk about NIMBYs.

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    8:20pm: Rockets being launched at Israel from Gaza are in the middle of population centers…as the terrorists make it harder for the IDF to eliminate the launchers without hitting civilians.

    SO BE IT … if Hamas wants a civilian body count, let the count begin.

    • bkivey

      There is a statement by the prophets AC/DC::

      If You Want Blood, You Got It.

  • Ymarsakar

    Remember when Americans were complaining about color coded terrorist alerts during Bush?

  • jj

    Here’s an opportunity for Israel to get smart in the propaganda war – something we’ve discussed. Put out an English version of the app, don’t just leave it in Hebrew. One whole hell of a lot more people on this planet speak English than do Hebrew, and here’s a chance to educate them to what life’s really like with these goddam rocketeers shooting at you. It’s very tough for the world to say: “you’re imagining it” to Israel when your phone is chiming at you forty times a day. Big opportunity here, Israel: don’t miss it!.

  • Earl

    GREAT idea, jj……I do wonder how many people would sign on for the alerts, however. Mostly people don’t want to know….especially those whose minds are already made up, which describes Israel’s enemies to a “T”. They already know that Israel is at fault — don’t disturb them with facts that threaten a bit of cognitive dissonance..

    By the way, I keep reading that a ground offensive into Gaza is coming – reserves have been deployed to the West Bank in order to free up the IDF for what’s about to happen in Hamas-land.

  • Bookworm

    The app I have is in English. It’s been going off every three or four minutes for the past half hour now.

    • jj

      Excellent. The one I saw was in Hebrew. There should also be a tagline: “How would YOU like to live with this shit?”

  • Bookworm

    Judging by today’s alerts, Israel is at war. It’s time she started acting that way.

  • Charles Martel

    So, another intifada gets underway. Keep Israel distracted while a traitorous US president runs interference for Iran. Israel will be condemned no matter what she does, so it may time to annex Gaza and (humanely) deport any “Palestinian” who doesn’t like it to the West Bank, or Jordan, or Syria. This will give the Presbyterians, self-hating Jews, and the UN something to wring their hands over, which will vastly improve the quality of their lives.

    • Ymarsakar

      Remember when Israel forcibly relocated religious Jews?

    • Mike Devx

      As bad as it is, I think Bibi just needs to pacify them right now. Knock em way down, just for a while.

      Because the Iranian Caliphate and the ISIS Caliphate are about to go at each other, to try and decide who gets to be the REAL Caliphate, and that is going to be bloody and intense and dominate the news. Bibi can really do a number on Hamas during the War Of The Caliphates, No one will be paying much attention to what he does to Hamas THEN. So, for the next few months, he just needs to buy some time. THEN while the world is absorbed in the dominating news stories of the thousands dying each day in Iraq and Iran’s CAiphate War, Bibi can hammer the holy hell out of Hamas, and no one will care very much.

  • lee

    One of my Facebook friends lives in Tel Aviv. It’s like having the app: I think all of her stateside friends are glued to Facebook, following her.

  • lee

    Though I’ve noticed that my uber-leftist Facebook friend who also lives in Tel Aviv hasn’t posted much.

    (This is also the under-left friend who used to live in France, which was soooooooo much better than Israel, but who returned to Israel but never really said WHY. (It was about ten or twelve years ago when he moved to France and about for to six years ago when he moved back to Israel.

  • Ymarsakar

    Americans will get a taste of this, once the Left cooks up the Southern Border with enough munitions and arms.