Super quick round-up about Israel

Israeli flagI’m heading out in a minute to have lunch with one of my more wonderful conservative friends in Marin (it’s wonderful that she’s conservative, and she’s just a great, thoughtful person), so I’ll be brief, and try to funnel as much info to you as possible in a small amount of time.

I linked yesterday to an old American Thinker article I wrote about “economically flexible morality” in connection with Richard Fernandez’s article that rich countries are considered evil because they’re rich, rather than because of anything they do. In my American Thinker article, I’d commented that, to the Left, poor people are considered moral because they’re poor, regardless of what they do. In the same article, I touched upon the reflexive “underdog” syndrome that afflicts the Left: if one side to a fight is smaller than the other side, they automatically side with the smaller side. They never stop to look at the values driving the two sides. After all, back in 1923, with the Munich Beer Hall putsch, Hitler’s was the smaller side. Did that make him the good guy? (Incidentally, if you try pulling this logic on a DemProg, he or she will look at you as if you’re insane.)

I mention this old article, because the putrid excrescence on the Comedy Channel known as Jon Stewart did a shtick implying that Israel is a mean bully because it’s firing into Gaza. I went ballistic about this in exactly the same way Mark Levin did, although my audience was only my DemProg spouse, who couldn’t understand why I was upset. After all, it is unfair that the Israelis are giving those poor Palestinians only 3 minutes warning to vacate a specifically targeted building. He was shocked to learn that the Gazans are sending rockets into Israel about every 6 minutes, aimed at densely populated areas, with no warning at all:

Israel warns Gaza

He also didn’t understand that, when Israel sends a warning, it’s enough for the Palestinian civilians to leave the building that Hamas is using as a launch site. If they run into the streets, they’ll survive. This is what happens if you read and listen to the MSM. You know nothing.

What both Stewart and Mr. Bookworm, obsessed as they are with who has the bigger guns, ignore entirely is that Hamas is utterly evil, while Israel is one of the world’s more decent and prosperous nations. John Podhoretz explains.  Also, Alma Geifman explains that Hamas deliberately targets Israel’s children as a war strategy intended to destroy what their enemy holds most dear.  In other words, those bombs aimed at schools, the buses hijacked, the children murdered — it’s not accident.

One wishes the Department of Homeland Security would understand the difference too.  It doesn’t, though, opening the door to the worst kind of people having an input into our burgeoning, all-too-powerful, biased federal bureaucracy:

Mohamed Alibiary

If this was misspoken (if he really meant to talk about missiles against Gaza), it nevertheless is a perfect Freudian slip, insofar as it inadvertently reveals the truth:

Missiles aimed against Israel

Playing the long game, Left is working to convert evangelical youth to antisemitism.

And the last word to Dennis Prager, on the Jewish State in a Morally Sick World.

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  • Ymarsakar

    If somebody was targeting kids under my protection, you can bet I wouldn’t be releasing thousands of their confederate every few years or every time the enemy has hostages.

    It’s sort of defeats the goal.

  • 11B40


    Growing up in the Bronx of the ’50s and ’60s, in addition to my Irish, American, and Catholic heritages, I was blessed with a mother who always had at her fingertips an extensive interpersonal relations playbook. Some of her most gone-to plays were “Let’s nip this in the bud.” and “Don’t make me come back in here again.” But, my all-time personal favorite was the “So, you got more than you thought you had bargained for.”

    My military daze was thankfully short and mired at the very tactical end of the business, so I have no pretense of being a capital “S” strategist. But, there are a couple of things that occur to me as hinted at in my opening paragraph. Obviously, my mother’s first two approaches have pretty much gone by the boards at this point in the Israeli-Hamas interpersonal relationship, so let’s focus a bit on the last.

    My memory now being what it is, I remember that last as being used at times when I had managed, in spite of all my enumerated heritages, to annoy my Big Sister to the point of physical retaliation immediately after which I would look to plead my victimization to my eternally vigilant maternal parent. Wound-repair was forthcoming on an occasion or two but emotional sympathy or parental intervention seemed always to be more theory than fact.

    Since all those days, I have read a couple of books that I would recommend for their applicability to the Israeli-Hamas situation. They both deal with the Indian Wars in the American West. The first would be T.R. Fehrenbach’s “Comanches: The History of a People” and the other would be C.M. Robinson’s “Bad Hand: A Biography of General Ranald Slidell MacKenzie. If one looks at those wars as “insurgencies” or, the even more modern “asymmetrical conflicts”, one can see that continuing pressure on an opponent can result in some serious success on the field of battle.

    Thus, I offer this. If one views Hamas as a kind of cancer that is trying very hard to metastasize, appropriate medicine should be made available and delivered on an ongoing schedule. Israel has been far too patient for far too long. My beloved mother’s playbook has been gone through and the problem still remains and seems to have grown. Israel needs to steel itself to the fact that these Hamas folks are pretty much nuts and that ceasing fire and trying to make nice are not the ways out of this briar patch. Constant pressure is what comes to my mind and by that I mean that any time Israel can identify a Hamas target the IDF should go after it, starting, if not today, then tomorrow and continuing day in and day out until Hamas is out of the “resistance” business for all times. Let Hamas busy itself trying to figure out when to response to low-level military attacks for a change.


    Mr. Kraishi had more to say than the cherry-picked words on the poster. Nothing Freudian at the end of the article.

    The lede is misleading. It’s a red herring. Read the last sentence in the article as follows: Kraishi also said the “settlements [in the West Bank], the Judaization [of Jerusalem], the checkpoints, the arrests, and so on” were also considered “war crimes” under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    • Ymarsakar

      The entire UN body is full of war criminals raping children in Africa and making money off sexual slavery.

      I would probably do something a little “extreme” about that, in a different world.

  • raymondjelli

    Jon Stewart is a Jewish Stepin Fetchit act. Every time I had the misfortune of seeing him while waiting for an actually funny show like Always Sunny in Philadelphia he would say something like is that too Jewy for you. Its my heritage. I can’t help it. Yada…Yada….Yada… he’s earnestly doing his minstrel act for the hating left…..what a jackass.