Malaysian jet shot down open thread

My hair stylist was working his magic on me when I heard a newly arrived customer mention a downed Malaysian jet. I thought it peculiar that she should speak of it today when it had vanished so many months ago. It was so peculiar in fact that I braved my stylist’s displeasure and got out my iPhone to investigate — and discovered that a Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down over Ukraine today, and that there are no survivors.

I believe that we are witnessing the future of air travel. We long expected this as a terrorist tactic in the air over the Middle East. Now that it happened over Ukraine, we are reminded it can happen anywhere.

I think air travel will continue, but the routes will be circuitous to avoid terrorists and careless combatants in ongoing wars. It will certainly get more expensive.

This is me bloviating on an iPhone with limited information and a bunch of chemicals on my head. What do you think?

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  1. Robert Arvanitis says

    Circuitous routes?
    Better option is a vanguard of drones with Hellfire or JDAMs to clear the path ahead.
    Lower fuel costs and expense of munitions cross billed to anti-terrorist budget for confirmed kills.

  2. sabawa says

    I’ve been everywhere I have ever wanted to go……many, many places around the world, including Malaysia. Like the proverbial turtle, I’m keeping my head covered and I’m not going anywhere anymore. I, too, have a phone and I know how to use it. I know, I know, I’m letting the bad guys win.

    • says

      So long as you are alive and can keep your freedom, they aren’t winning. Where there is life, there is hope.

      Which is why the Left uses its power to dominate, enslave, and kill humans.

  3. jj says

    ‘Terrorist tactic?’ It’s only a ‘terrorist tactic’ if you regard the goddam Russians as terrorists – which I do. Because that’s who shot this plane down, as attested to by the fact that they’re in control of the area where the wreckage landed and they will not let anyone anywhere near it to take a peek. That black box ends up in Moskva, never to be seen again; not Kiev, or in the hands of anybody housebroken.

    You have to be smart enough not to fly over war zones – which the US airlines are, as is BA and few others – and as Malaysia, Air France, KLM, Virgin and a bunch of other nitwits now will become, now that the horse left the barn. But don’t kid yourself, and don’t let anyone else bullshit you, either: the f***ing Russians took this plane down. And it isn’t the first one they’ve ever felt threatened by with their nonsensical inability to identify a civilian airliner, and so decided to shoot out of the sky, is it?

  4. says

    THANK you, Caped Crusader — that is just hilarious!!

    One would think that this kind of thing would crash the viewer-ship, but I’m guessing not.

    Perhaps if others try the same thing and get through, the message would eventually penetrate the skulls of those who still watch that twaddle…..your brains are being rotted!!


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