The Bookworm Beat — August 13, noon edition

Woman writingNo ruminations today. I’m just diving into the post:

We have met the enemy, and it isn’t us, it’s ISIS

One of the tocsins I’m relentlessly ringing on my “real me” Facebook is that what we’re seeing in the Middle East — in Syria, in Israel, in Iraq, in Egypt — is only the current front line in Islamist battle for world domination. Once they conquer there, the Islamists will do what they’ve done since Mohamed’s time, which is to spread out looking for new lands to conquer.

Importantly, these warriors don’t “conquer” the way Americans do, which is to kick out fascist governments, set up a civil infrastructure, and flood the country with American money and know-how. They conquer the old-fashioned way, with fire and sword (and rape and burial alive and slavery too).

Nor are my fears about Islamist Jihad based upon fantasies and conspiracies. Back in the day, when the Nazis targeted the Jews, they had no hard evidence to support their complaint that Jews were engaged in an effort to take over the world. Indeed, their only evidence was the absence of evidence. “Look,” they crowed. “The fact that there’s not a single bit of proof that Jews are doing any of the things we say they’re doing is proof that they’re doing it secretly.”

There’s nothing secret about al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, the Taliban, and that whole jolly crew of rapists and murderers. They boast proudly about their worst excesses. Indeed it must sometimes amaze them how the West resolutely pretends that these boasts, complete with pictures, do not exist. Journalists are slowly catching up to the horrors, but people clearly don’t want to know.

Richard Fernandez is paying attention to what’s happening. He feels, as I do, that the West is dancing on the edge of a volcano, willfully turning a blind eye to its own imminent destruction.

ISIS is driving “moderate” Islamist states into Israel’s waiting arms

Something good might be coming out of ISIS’s rampage, though: Saudi Arabia and other “moderate” Arab states are signaling strongly that they have bigger fish to fry than a fight with Israel.  The more Westernized Muslims nations are realizing that they have a bigger enemy in out-of-control Islamists than they ever did with Israel (never mind that Saudi Arabia fanned, and paid for, that particularly fanatic flame for decades).

My proof for making the above statement comes from two things that crossed my radar yesterday. The first was a long editorial in a UAE newspaper insisting that ISIS must be defeated before it accrues even greater power and wealth. The second was an editorial in a Saudi-owned, London-based newspaper explicitly stating that the balance of power in the Middle East has shifted. According to that piece, the The “current conflict looks like an Israel/Hamas–Turkey–Iran–Qatar one, with the rest of the Arab world’s support existing only on Twitter and other social media forums.”  (Emphasis added.)

And apropos ISIS’s accrued power and wealth, HuffPo, of all places, has an article detailing ISIS’s scary numbers, including its huge bank balance, which it obtained the old-fashioned Islamic way: by conquest.

Media Malfeasance at the BBC

Regarding Israel, the BBC lies, and then it lies about lying.

Obama’s perverse “Midas” touch

Victor Davis Hanson on the fact that everything Obama touches turns to dross. Which conclusion leads to two appropriate pictures:

Medusa and Midas

Atomic Obama

Keeping an eye on the upcoming elections

Even as I keep my eye on the Islamists, I haven’t forgotten that we’re waging our own battles here at home, with a Marxist president hellbent on his continuing project of “fundamentally transforming” a perfectly good America into something much less good. Over at the Watcher’s Council, the latest forum asks Council members to offer their predictions for the upcoming election. I think you’ll find the predictions fascinating. Council members are optimistic, although The Razor noted that the GOP has a knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

I stayed out of this forum. When I get into the stock market it drops. When I get out, it skyrockets. And when I support a candidate, that candidate seems to lose. The less I predict about the election the better. If, however, you want detailed, and accurate, election information I recommend The Election Projection.

As the world becomes less stable, Rand Paul is a less viable presidential candidate

Bruce Kesler thinks it’s very important that people understand that, in a dangerous world, Rand Paul’s principled non-interventionism would put America at grave risk if he were president.

After all, as Jonah Goldberg says in  his excellent article about our coming long, long war with radical Islam, “The problem is the enemy always gets a vote.”  The fact that Paul’s principles tell him not to engage doesn’t mean the enemy isn’t hell-bent on engaging with us.

Free tampons!

Britain’s Guardian paper is reading my blog. A few weeks ago, I did this poster:

Important women's health costs

Now, the Guardian is running with this concept:

We need to move beyond the stigma of “that time of the month” – women’s feminine hygiene products should be free for all, all the time.

And some pictures

(With thanks to Caped Crusader)

Obama fundraiser

What do you mean by free palestine

Ludwig von Mises on liberals

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  • Danny Lemieux

    “Victor Davis Hanson on the fact that everything Obama touches turns to dross.”

    Well, the word I had in mind doesn’t start with a “D”. More like an “S”.

  • JKB

    Why is it that feminist are always talking about sticking something in or dealing with the consequences of sticking something in their vaginas? Quit treating women like they are just a sex object.

    And as the feminists fight for “free” birth control and tampons. Men must register with the state security forces or lose their federal school loans and grants, vocational training, government jobs, to enroll in many state schools, obtain a driver’s license, etc. Oh, and they have to notify the federal overlords within 10 days of moving between the ages of 18 and 26.

    We sure don’t see feminist trying to get this little male privilege overturned. But, perhaps amusingly, the Selective Service includes a blurb about women in combat changes on their website. You know, the website that really only pertains to “male persons” since they are the only ones required to register or give up benefits. But the SS can apparently if given the mission and an increase in resources register women. Cue the hue and cry of feminists everywhere. Not all male privilege should be checked.

    And of course, their is prosecution which would remove a man’s right to vote, bear arms, etc.

    I like the language on the SS site; “even if not tried”

    “Registration is the law. A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years.

    Even if not tried, a man who fails to register with Selective Service before turning age 26 may find that some doors are permanently closed.”

  • Ymarsakar

    We have met the enemy and it’s not Democrats here?

  • qr4j

    It would not surprise me if the USA were attacked again on the home front as we were on 11 September 2014. Our non-existent border allows all sorts of people — including thugs and terrorists — to come across without repercussion.

    So what happens in a year or two when 9/11 happens again in some way, shape, or form? Will Obama and his partners in crime be held to account?

    Militant Islam is our enemy. They are barbarians and they want to rule the world. Don’t think that’s possible? Maybe it isn’t. But that won’t keep ISIS and co. from trying to rule and doing great harm in the process. We never dreamed 9/11 was possible. It was the stuff of far-out movies. But it did.

    George W. Bush went after the enemy on their land. He told us it would be a long fight. Obama waved the white flag. And whatever mess we were in before is even worse now.

    Why can’t people see this? How can the powers that be not see the grave situation we’re in? Do they really want their lives as they know them to end?

    • Libby

      You mean something like this? (no murdery pics in the link)

      Yeah, Obama says we’re not at war with ISIS. Someone should maybe bring that to their attention.

    • Danny Lemieux

      qr4j, just to help you sleep at night: someone that I know in the intelligence community tells me that the best estimate is that about 4,000 jihadis are entering the U.S. on average per year and they have been doing so since well before September 11, 2001. Do the math!

    • sabawa

      The powers that be are insulated, protected, pampered, guarded, lied to by sycophants, and this particular crop is disinterested in the minutia of real life. We are in big trouble. My two cents.

    • qr4j

      Sorry, I meant 11 September 2001 and NOT 11 September 2014. Reflexive typing error I guess. Similar to using the current year for my birthday — done that a few times when filling out forms. DUH!

      Glad I read these responses in the a.m. and not before bedtime. :-) However, these scary images — mental or literal — remind me of a liturgy (confirmation rite, I believe). I’ve heard a bishop chant many times: “Our help is in the Name of the Lord.” To which the congregation responds: “The Maker of heaven and earth.”

      The upshot: The almighty and merciful God made this universe. We didn’t make it. Government didn’t make it. And ultimately it is God — not ourselves or a manmade government — that we have to put our trust in.

      • Bookworm

        I think free will gives us an obligation to do as much as we can to avert disaster, qr4j, but I agree that, at a certain point, it’s out of our hands. It’s just that one sometimes feels that God is abandoning people, as happened so often in the 20th century in WWI’s trenches, WWII’s death camps, the Soviet Union’s gulags, China’s Great Leap Forward, etc. Faith is hard to maintain when man’s will is so destructive.

  • Libby

    I honesty don’t know how to square the demands for free tampons with the gorier-than-Hollywood-horror-films violence committed by Islamists in the Middle East.

    I would say that Jessica Valenti should be ashamed of herself for caring more about subsidizing her hoo-ha than young girls being sold into slavery (when they’re not being beheaded or buried alive), but she and other feminists have lost touch with reality and are no longer capable of shame (or self-awareness).

    Seems like extremest of all stripes have gotten so much more extreme in the last 6 years, no? Sanity is becoming an endangered species.

  • Earl

    “When I get into the stock market it drops. When I get out, it skyrockets.”

    This is what happens when one is “gambling” with the stock market. It is not necessary, and you can stop any time, and “invest” in the American (and world, if you choose) economy.

    When we completed building our house to the point we could move in, we were 41 years old and had NO retirement money set aside….all had gone for kids and living – no boats, no car loans, no RV, no golf, no extras, period.

    I bought a variable annuity from a guy my employer took a commission from to let him have access to the staff, solely because I knew NOTHING about investments. The next year, on my way to S.F. with my son to attend the Academy of Sciences Members’ Meeting, I heard Harry Browne interviewed by Jim Eason on KGO. His description of how to invest without losing my money made so much sense to me that I stopped in San Rafael THAT AFTERNOON and bought the book.

    I’ve been recommending it, and giving it away, ever since. Using his simple plan, we accumulated enough to retire at 62, and we never had a gross income over $80,000.00, and that only in one or two of those years. The book is The Economic Time Bomb, and it’s CHEAP – $4.00 including shipping if you are OK with a used hardback. Find it here:

    If you follow the plan, you are GUARANTEED to buy when stocks are low, and sell when stocks are high. I am not kidding….this is not a “get-rich scheme”, it is a no=nonsense plan to assure that your money grows with the American economy and minimizes the chances and the amounts of your loss.

    I followed this plan through the Big Crash of 2008 and onward…..and by 2013, my overall account had increased 15-20% for that period. I bought a LOT of stock mutual funds at a TREMENDOUS discount, and then sold them and took profits as their values rose.

    Buy the book, folks — even though (sadly) I do NOT get a commission on sales. It will change your life for the better..