James Foley: The death of an honorable, deeply courageous man

James FoleyTom Rogan has very bravely done something I lack the courage to do: He watched the ISIS video of James Foley’s execution. (The video actually skips the complete execution, by going directly from the moment they begin sawing off Foley’s head to the moment when they place his head on the back of his body.  Still, it’s a snuff video and I am weak.) Watching that video, Rogan reached a conclusion about Foley, which was that he was an unusually courageous man:

Americans who want to see the gruesome video will see the courage of James Foley. They’ll bear witness to a man who, knowing he was about suffer a terrible fate, kept his voice firm in his final moments.

His death won’t be broadcast many places, but take my word for his final courage. As the terrorist moves his knife downwards, Foley grimaces but does not cry out. This, after all, is the man that he was, a man who faced great danger to bring knowledge to the world. After being imprisoned by Qaddafi loyalists for 44 days during the Libyan civil war, Foley returned to the country to finish his reporting. When asked why he did so, Foley offered a simple answer. “Why wouldn’t I go back? People had done so much for me back home. I was humbled, I felt indebted to them. [We] wanted to connect the dots; we wanted to finish that story.”

Read the entire homage here.

Foley’s death deserves more than the bland, meaningless ritualism Obama will offer. Sadly, though, I’m pretty darn certain that Foley will be just another in a long list of Americans that Obama has apparently willingly sacrificed on the Islamist altar, including an American ambassador.

(As an aside, to the extent the executioner is believed to be a former Gitmo detainee, is there meaning to the fact that Foley was clothed in orange, the color prisoners in Gitmo wear?)

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    His background story is in doubt due to various ideological allegiances Foley had to the Left.

  • Libby

    This kind of death is unfathomable. Prayers to his family and friends who will have to live with not only what he went through, but that it’s out there for all to see over and over again.

    Think we need to get ready for some more bland, meaningless ritualism from Obama, because I didn’t hear anything in his statement today about the other journalist held by ISIS (I missed the beginning, though).

  • qr4j

    Mr. Foley was a man and I mourn his death. That he was an American who was living according to his conscience, I am troubled by his death. More than that, I am so disgusted — so sickened — I am not exaggerating when I say I would retch if I were to think about his execution in any detailed way.

    I am horribly ashamed of the government of the country — the USA — I love so dearly. And chief of all the government officials I am so horribly ashamed of is Obama and his administration. Because of Obama’s wrong-headed, lead-from-behind, LAZY foreign policy, the world is in far more turmoil than it would be otherwise.

    But Hillary logged untold miles of diplomacy, you say? So what? A book may contain a thousand pages yet have nothing worth reading printed on them. And Kerry? My God, the man makes Hillary look successful at foreign policy. He is idiot to the power of 10!

    Look at the mess we’re in! Look at it! See the Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq being slaughtered by beheading, live burial, or crucifixion. Look at what Obama has wrought!

    If there were justice in this world, Obama would NEVER sleep again. He would stay awake at night pondering the mess he has allowed to happen. Did he cause it? Not alone. He had helpers. ISIS, for example. But Obama and his policies contributed significantly to this horrible mess of hatred and violence.

    Where is Obama? Where? Two words: GOLF COURSE! That is what his presidency boils down to. Golf course. Another version of Nero fiddling while Rome is burning.

  • Blick4343

    Democrats log up another genocide in Iraq, —- Sudan, Rwanda, Cambodia, Vietnam. Whenever the Dems are in power in the USA, somebody’s gona die.

    • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

      And that’s why the world hates and fears American power.

  • erisguy

    Absolutely. And let us act on Foley’s last words. “I call on my friends, family and loved ones to rise up against my real killer, the U.S. government.”

    That would be the government of Obama and Clinton. Give a me a call when you’re armed and ready.

  • lee

    I have been thinking about the fact that the executioner was apparently from London. LONDON! And it got me thinking about the whole moral/cultural relativity and political correctness and all the crap we in the West have been force-fed for years. And I believe that this is the chickens coming home to roost.

    Once upon a time, people who immigrated to a country tried to assimilate. Thanks to the Lefty assault on Western/Judeo-Christian values over the decades, countries have been assimilating themselves to the immigrants. Which mightn’t have been so bad if the immigrants were nice people, with a lovely Protestant work ethic. But instead, it’s been a matter of “Oooh, sorry! Didn’t mean to offend you with my Western Values! I’ll dial back a few notches, while you trample all over everyone else….”

    And thanks to that, we have some murderous bastard who enjoyed the freedoms of the UK for probably his entire life is now a member of ISIS, sawing off an American’s head. And undoubtedly also the heads of Yazidi and Christian Iraqi men–and CHILDREN, and raping Yazidi and Christian Iraqi women and children…

    I think one of the the best things we could’ve done with the prisoners in Guantanamo was let in Christians–or Bahai or Buddhists or Jews or Zoroastrians or Hindus–to convert them. But NNNNOOOOOOoooooo! We had to “respect” their Moslem*-ness and give them rugs and Korans and point them in the direction of Mecca and all that. Does one think for an instant that Iran (which is on the whole much more “civilized” than al-Qaeda, and certainly far more civilized than ISIS) lets Pastor Abedini have a Bible? Uh, my guess is no… Good Lord! One of the prisoners they released in exchange for what’s-his-name was deemed innocuous enough to be released because he just wanted to have a farm for raising milk and honey…

    For decades, the Anglican Church was on the front lines for souls in Africa, especially in Nigeria. The Church of England and the Episcopal Church really screwed them over when they abandoned them for the politically correct POV of supporting gay marriage. While Anglican missionaries in Nigeria were dealing with a population that doesn’t look too kindly on gays, to begin with. But I guess gay marriage in London or New York is more important than Christianity in Nigeria, at least as far as the Church of England and the Episcopal Church is concerned. But in the West, Christianity, and most organized religion, is passe. Barely anyone goes to church on Sundays any more. And political correctness means that the Church of today is no different than the mosque of today.[Initiate Sarcasm Font] And back in the Middle Ages, what Christianity did in the name of the Church was no different than what Islamists and Jihadists are doing today in Iraq, so it’s just the just desserts for those Christians in Iraq… (Please realize that I DO NOT ACTUALLY THINK THAT!!! But I am positive that is what is going through the minds of some of the left and the politically correct moral relativizers….)

    I am Jewish, so I am not saying any of this out of a desire to spread the Gospel. But I do believe that one of the ways to fight Jihadists is to convert numbers to something else, almost ANYTHING else, and I think Christianity is a good bet. Heck, I wish the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses all the best in proselytizing among Moslem* countries.

    I also think, but I could be wrong, that there is some sort of liberal/DemProg romanticization of the “noble savage”–that the “noble savage” is somehow more “authentic” than any thing from the West. I think this explains the allure of the Wiccan stuff. But I also think it explains the allure of the Jihadists–why the lefty feminists don’t care that they sell woman in to slavery, that they practice female genital mutilation, that they take child brides, that women are treated as they are treated. Because the lefty crowd thinks that Islam is a more “authentic” Middle Eastern expression, than is Christianity (the cradle of which is the MIDDLE EAST.) or Judaism. I also think they rather suspect that Zoroastrianism is just as “inauthentic” as Christianity–if they even bother to know that it exists. Islam is the real “inauthentic” religious expression, forced upon Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Buddhists… (Yes, Buddhism was in Afghanistan well before Islam–those carvings destroyed by the Taliban didn’t build themselves…)

    Enough of a rant for now…

    * By the way, I REFUSE to use “Muslim” and continue to use “Moslem” because I think switching to the former word is capitulating to political correctness. How many people refer to Jews as Yehudim? Or to Germans as Deutchen?