Leftist students achieve Orwellian victory at the Library of Congress

Library of CongressThe Library of Congress is, or at least should be, the repository of American truth. It contains the documents that make up American history.

Thus, contrary to what Obama’s nominee thinks, the Library of Congress isn’t your neighborhood library with help wanted ads and reading circles for kindergarten students. It is a scholarly institution that contains original documents tracking America’s history. So what better thing for Leftists to do then impose their Orwellian ideas on it?

Because that’s exactly what happened when the Library of Congress yielded to the importunings of Marxist indoctrinated college students and removed the phrase “illegal alien” from its catalog, replacing it with the anodyne “non-citizen” or “unauthorized immigrant” (and this is not an April Fool’s joke):

The Library of Congress will no longer use the words “illegal” and “alien” to describe undocumented immigrants after Dartmouth College students petitioned for the change, the group said Wednesday.

Instead, the Library of Congress will use the terms “non-citizen” and “unauthorized immigrants” in subject headings to refer to undocumented immigrants.

Both the new terms, of course, are lies. The term “non-citizen” means anybody who is not a citizen: someone with a green card, someone here on a two-week vacation, someone who lives in and is a citizen of Australia (or any other country), or someone who snuck over the border in the dark of night to avoid detection by America’s border patrol. Through overbreadth, the phrase is rendered meaningless if it is meant to refer only to the last category I described.

The phrase “unauthorized immigrant” is no different. It’s putting perfume on a pig. These immigrants are “unauthorized” not because someone forget to fill out the forms. ¬†They are here illegally because they deliberately ignored American law regarding the right to enter into and live in this country.

I think that, next time one of those Leftist students tries to report a break-in at the dorm, the kid ought to be told that “burglary” no longer exists, and that he has no call to complain about “non-resident unauthorized visitors” who enter his room and “share to themselves” the student’s possessions.

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