The Bookworm Beat 1-10: Let the Games Begin

gladiatorial-combatThe Hunger Games:  DC Edition

The confirmation hearing for Jeff Sessions began today.  It was largely without fireworks — perhaps because Senator Sessions is not the evil, racist, misogynist, card carrying Grand Cyclops of the local Mobile chapter of the KKK (actually I think Sessions had him executed — I wait for the progs to charge that was to eliminate the competition) that the deeply disingenuous progressive left wants to portray him as.  But as Powerline opines, Sen. Sessions appears to be “breezing through” the hearing.

The most pointed questioning of Senator Sessions, somehow appropriately, came from the one-time comedian Al Franken.  Also embedded below is an interesting analysis of the hearing from Fox’s The Five, and a bonus video of Ted Cruz reminding us the progs on the Judiciary Committee that they are only now discovering concern for fair and equal application of the laws after a collective eight year coma:

Al Franken:


The Five


Ted Cruz


It’s Never Too Early To Signal A Run In 2020

Senator Cory Booker is apparently so offended by the fact that Senator Sessions has been nominated for AG that he has asked to be included on the list of witnesses to testify against Sen. Sessions in the confirmation hearing.  Booker, who does not claim any unique knowledge of facts regarding Sen. Sessions, is without doubt doing this stunt as prep for a Presidential run in 2020.  I sincerely hope that every Republican on that committee makes him pay dearly for this stunt by questioning him in detail as regards his beliefs on racism, the BLM movement, the NAACP, and hell, even the “pig police” art now on display in Congress compliments of the Congressional Black Caucus.  What a horse’s ass.

Leaking Like A Sieve

There is no question that the left is trying to use the “Russian hacking” scandal to delegitimize, if not outright end before it begins, the Trump Presidency.  And someone in the Obama administration and/or the intelligence agencies has been leaking information every step of the way.  The most recent are claims that Russia has compromising information on Trump and that the Trump campaign itself was directly coordinating with the Russian government.  From Ace, the compromising information is apparently nothing more than opposition research generated by Never Trumpers:

Now Buzzfeed is publishing this document, which has been circulating in the background in media organizations for months (Mother Jones reported breathlessly about it last October).

Buzzfeed admits nothing in the document can be verified, and furthermore, the document contains clear mistakes about the things which can be fact-checked.

This is out of hand.  Follow the first link above to Hot Air for a more complete discussion.

 The Celebrity Victim Card

Poor Madonna:

Madonna said she has been just devastated since Trump won the presidential election. “It’s like when you break up with somebody who has really broken your heart. You wake up and for a second you’re just you, and then you go, ‘Oh, the person I love more than anything has just broken my heart, and I’m devastated and I’m broken and I have nothing. I’m lost,'” said Madonna.

It gets much worse.  Do read the whole thing.  If only she had the common sense and class of a porn star.

This is how civilization ends

Have you ever wondered whether Bruce nee Caitlyn Jenner is pre-op or post-op?  Is it keeping you awake at night?  In order to perk up her sagging ratings, Jenner is planning to do a nude photo spread in 2017.  According to a news report, the spread “will focus less on her being a transsexual and more on being a single girl that wants to date and have a great time.”  Who knows, you may get lucky.  And perhaps Jenner will give us a definitive answer to the question first posed by Mae West, “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

vietnam-jungleBookworm, Last Seen In The Jungles of Nam . . .

. . . trying to hack through the undergrowth and get to a location with a wifi signal, has passed along a link to an insightful article by Victor Davis Hanson:  What Exactly Is Trumpism?

. . . Note the common denominator to the all these hostile groups: It is Trump the man, not Trump the avatar of some political movement that they detest. After all, there are no Trump political philosophers. There is no slate of down-ballot Trump ideologues. If Trump were to start a third party, what would be its chief tenets? There is as yet neither a Trump “Contract for America” nor a Trump “First Principles” manifesto.

Nonetheless, from the 2016 campaign and from President-elect Trump’s slated appointments, past interviews, and tweets, we can see a coherent worldview emerging, something different from both orthodox conservativism and liberalism, though certainly Trumpism is far closer to the former than to the latter. Here may be a few outlines of Trumpist thought. . . .

Do read the whole article.  As always, Hanson shows himself to be amazingly perceptive and an excellent writer.