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Politicians must speak up about how to avoid another Tyre Nichols situation

There is a hue and cry going out from politicians today for some sort of police reform after Tyre Nichols’s death. Every single politician is condemning the police; not a single politician defending the police. And there is not a single politician with the guts to say the truth; namely, that

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The Judge Goes Awry Analyzing Gov. DeSantis’s Firing Of A Rogue Prosecutor

A Florida District Court Judge issued an appalling decision that, while having the correct outcome, provides a road map for rogue prosecutors. In ruling on Governor Ron DeSantis’s decision last year to fire a state attorney who explicitly refused to enforce the state’s laws, a Florida District Court judge just

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The March of the Unconstitutional Regulatory State

Our nation is being altered by regulations with the force of law and created without any vote by our elected representatives. How can this happen in the United States . . .: From Instapundit: CRISIS BY DESIGN: The EPA’s Latest Regulation Could Devastate The Trucking Industry. “The EPA’s rule, which is more

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Reparations, California, & The Evil of Progressive Race Hustling

The idea of reparations for long past “racist sins” will do nothing to absolve the non-progressives of our nation from their supposed sin of racism. Reparations are merely a truly evil progressive tool to gain power at whatever cost to our nation.    Introduction We live in a world where

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Now for Part II of the Rittenhouse Saga

Part II means protecting the Second Amendment and attacking head-on the leftist establishment’s escalating lies about Rittenhouse. Phase I of the Rittenhouse saga, his unjustifiable trial for murder, is over. That trial, which was about self-defense and Kyle Rittenhouse’s Second Amendment rights — was decided in a Wisconsin jury room.

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What Can Be Done About Soros-Funded Prosecutors?

Conservatives need to embrace lawfare and bring suit against radical prosecutors, most of whom are funded by George Soros and are de facto rewriting the laws of their state. Prosecutors and other officials funded by George Soros are ignoring the laws of their state to impose their brand of social

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