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Uranium One Nuclear warning

Dueling headlines: Uranium One and Frederica Wilson

Perhaps the most shocking thing of all about the Uranium One corruption scandal is the drive-by media’s deliberate effort to hide the story from the public. The following headlines are only a slight exaggeration. I’ve used “The Hill,” which broke the Uranium One story, as a representative of those few

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[MUST-SEE VIDEO] Gen. John Kelly’s press briefing is essential viewing

Gen. Kelly’s press conference about military phone calls is breathtaking, moving, informative, and devastating to the Progressive chattering classes. Gen. Kelly doesn’t waste a single word. Everything he says is powerful and true. Please watch the whole video. When Gen. Kelly gets near the end of his briefing, his indictment

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Russia Collusion Hillary Putin bribes reveal Trump Derangement Syndrome

Two reports yesterday highlight Trump Derangement Syndrome

A snapshot of Trump Derangement Syndrome: the different responses to reports about Trump’s alleged insensitivity versus Hillary’s selling America to Russia. Yesterday’s news broke two stories, one detailing massive national security infractions involving Russians during the Obama administration and one reporting the claim that Trump was insensitive to the widow

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