Dueling headlines: Uranium One and Frederica Wilson

Perhaps the most shocking thing of all about the Uranium One corruption scandal is the drive-by media’s deliberate effort to hide the story from the public.

Uranium One Nuclear warningThe following headlines are only a slight exaggeration. I’ve used “The Hill,” which broke the Uranium One story, as a representative of those few outlets covering a fact-filled report painting a picture of a staggeringly corrupt Obama administration, which knew that Hillary was selling off America’s national security for her own benefit, and not only did not stop the deal, but took great care to hide it.

The Hill: FBI insider reveals that Uranium One deal resulted from extortion and bribery

MSM: Rep. Frederica Wilson – “Donald Trump said a Green Beret deserved to die”

The Hill: Former Sec’y of State Hillary Clinton approved Uranium One deal after Russians put millions in the Clinton Fund

MSM: “Trump said ‘Suck it up’ to Gold Star widow,” claims Frederica Wilson

The Hill: Obama administration approved Uranium One deal despite FBI info about extortion and bribery

MSM: Lying Trump denies that he said a Green Beret deserved to die

The Hill: Bill Clinton was having private meetings with Russians during Uranium One sale negotiations

MSM: Donald Trump lied about other presidents never calling Gold Star families

The Hill: When FBI discovered a Russian spy ring, Sec’y of State Clinton rushed spies back to safety in Russia

MSM: General Kelly sold his soul to Donald Trump

The Hill: Clinton Foundation took millions from Russians during uranium negotiations

MSM: General Kelly is the face of an imminent right-wing military coup

The Hill: Russia now controls 20% of America’s uranium

MSM: Frederica Wilson: Kelly is a racist because he’s Irish guy who calls blacks “empty barrels”

The Hill: Hello! Thanks to Clinton/Obama corruption, Russia now controls 20% of America’s uranium

MSM: “Donald Trump forgot my husband’s name,” says grieving Gold Star widow

The Hill: Is anyone listening? Clinton took massive bribes; Obama knew; and the administration still gave 20% of our uranium to Russia

MSM: Gold Star widow: “Trump said it’s fitting husband died in Africa, because that’s where all colored people belong.”

The Hill: This is serious, folks. We’re tell you about major corruption affecting American national security.

MSM: Frederica Wilson: “I’m putting together a bill to burn Trump and Kelly at the stake on C-SPAN

The Hill: Obama sent Green Berets to Africa without a clear mission

MSM: Trump assaults black babies at White House Halloween party; claims parents demanded he kiss them.

The Hill: “Eff this sh*t! Why do we even bother reporting actual news?

MSM: Hillary likens herself to Shakespearean heroine for attending Trump inauguration.

For the best summary to date of the Uranium One scandal, I recommend this piece from Andrew McCarthy. As you read it, keep in mind this screen shot from just a couple of days ago:

MSM ignores Uranium One

When I placed the story squarely in front of someone who has been obsessing for the past year about the Russians and asked why he wasn’t obsessing about this, he came back with the Leftist’s favorite excuse: This is old news because Peter Schweizer already reported it in Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich. I countered by saying Schweizer was making reasonable deductions based on available evidence. What’s new about the current report is (a) and FBI insider is confirming that Schweizer’s educated guesses were accurate; (b) that the Obama administration knew this because of FBI reports, but chose to ignore and hide the reports; and (c) that Hillary sent Russian spies back to Russia, with no strings attached, to limit her potential exposure.



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