Found it on Facebook: Liberals claim Americans should vote for Obama because “the world” wants him

In the endless parade of images that my liberal friends feel compelled to put on Facebook, this was my favorite for the day:

I honestly cannot understand a mindset that says the world popularity is the metric Americans should use for electing their president.  Certainly a president who is conversant with world affairs and who has diplomatic skills is a good thing.  However, it doesn’t seem to occur to Progressives and others of their ilk that the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily have America’s best interests at heart.  Indeed, considering that the rest of the world has long resented America for her success, the fact that “the world” wants Obama might be a good indicator that Obama is a poison pill for America’s future.

When I look at the rest of the world — broke, racist, antisemitic, and socialist Europe; increasingly totalitarian (and antisemitic) Russia; frequently poverty-stricken Latin America; mostly devastated (and antisemitic) Africa; and ferociously medieval, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic Muslim Middle East — my first thought isn’t “Gee, I should follow their lead when selecting my nation’s executive officer.”  Instead, I tend to think that these other parts of the world have shown singularly bad judgment in selecting their leaders.

As Groucho so memorably said, whatever they’re for, I’m against it.

Illegal aliens destroy hospital for American poor

No matter how the NYT tries to spin it, the message is clear here:  the burden that illegal aliens created on the dialysis clinic [thanks, Quisp, for clarifying that for me] in a 117 year old charitable hospital serving Georgia’s poor, forced the hospital clinic to close.

With ObamaCare almost a done deal (gee, thanks Lincoln and Landrieu), just wait until the illegal aliens do it to the entire health care system, not just to one charity hospital.  As even the NYT is forced to admit, the illegal aliens sucking up costly treatments would not have gotten those same treatments in their home country.  One of the benefits of breaking the law in a sucker nation is that, rather than tossing you back where you came, we dump welfare on you to our own detriment.

I’ve got an idea.  How about if we start enforcing our immigration laws (with enforcement down, I just heard, by 50% under the Obama administration), and start figuring out ways for Mexico (and other failing Latin American countries) to become productive nations, instead of parasites on the American body politic and economic?  There is absolutely no reason why Latin American citizens cannot have functioning countries.  Wait, I’m wrong.  I can think of one reason:  we sit here like a giant, seductive safety valve, insulating them, not from their failures, but from the ability to improve.