The non-blame game

If you’ve been thinking that official agencies and mainstream media outlets have been remarkably coy about reporting Muslim violence, you’re not alone. The examples are easy to find: it took a month before anyone bothered to make the anti-Semitic connection with Ilan Halimi’s murder; the Oklahoma University bombing was presented as the act of a misfit, despite the obvious strong ties to Islam; the riots in France were about economic problems; and the recent attempt at drive through murder in North Carolina, done by a man who boasted that it was to avenge Muslims is, yes, just another disaffected youth. It seems to me that, even if we concede that these are all “disaffected” youth attacks, someone in power should be asking, is it a coincidence that all these disaffected youths happen to be Muslims?

Anyway, I bring this up because John Leo has written a good column summarizing the missing Muslims in the news.

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