Putting in a good word for a judge

Those who have read my blog for its fairly limited lifespan know that I'm not overly impressed with judges.  I find most of them so concerned with their own personal sense of what's "fair" (and in the area in which I live, fair usually means anti-business) that they have no time for actually considering the controlling law in any given case. 

There are, however, a handful of judges I've come to respect over the years, and one of them is up for re-election in Marin County.  If you're a Marin County voter, and you usually just abstain from voting for judges (since you can't tell one from the either), I urge you this time to vote for Judge John Sutro.  He is someone who gives serious consideration to the controlling law in every case before him and, in addition, has a truly judicial demeanor.  By the way, a judge with a real judicial demeanor is also a rarity.  So many judges believe that their power in the courtroom gives them the right to be rude and cruel.  

So, you can make a difference this election by casting a vote for a judge — something I suspect most of us never bother to do.