The “party of poop” revisited

About a year and a half ago, when I was still at Blogger, I wrote a post about the obsession with poop on the "Leftier" side of the political spectrum.  It's short, so I'll repeat it here:

Is it just me, or are people who come down on the liberal side of things much more inclined to rely on obscenities and scatalogical references? Whenever I read the comments liberals post at conservative websites, or even when I read the material liberals post on their own websites, I'm just inundated by wave after wave of swear words and potty references. I'm not going to sully my own posting with this kind of language, but you might want to visit the comments gracing Diplomad's latest, most-excellent screed about the UN. (I will admit, Diplomad's title and article use the word "turd," but it's carefully introduced as a child's peculiarly apt slip of the tongue.) Or go to the Daily Kos (which I find difficult to read, since it's written along the lines of a high schooler's "U R 2 kool" posting). You might check out this urinary description of Tom DeLay. I've always thought dirty language is the last refuge of the those who have little education, poor analytical abilities and, generally, little interesting to say. Any of you have any take on this?

I was reminded of my impression when I read that a vice chair in Colorado Senate District 13 Democratic Central Committee was caught after she deposited her dog's feces into the mail slot at U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave's campaign headquarters.  Did I mention that Rep. Musgrave is a Republican?  We've gone from the symbolic obsession with poop to the practical display of that obsession.  

Hat tip:  Michelle Malkin (who has a lot more to say on the subject)