Israel’s crisis may be the Republicans’ salvation

I posted yesterday about the remarkable silence on the Left side of the blogosphere in the face of the huge developments in the Middle East.  Indeed, the only liberal blogger who recognized the crisis for what it was eschewed analysis and simply went into blame George Bush mode.

It occurred to me last night that the echoing silence on the Left simply reinforces the perception that Republicans are the ones with the information and ideas when it comes to defending America in dangerous times.  The Lefty bloggers’ inability to analyze the situation, to make predictions, to come up with meaningful suggestions (beyond the “world without Israel” crap), has to resonate with voters.  Voters may be sick and tired of the Republicans’ open hand with the taxpayers’ checkbook, and they may find distasteful the Republican inability to get a handle of illegal immigration, but this Fall, if this Middle Eastern crisis still rages, they’re going to press the security button.