I did not feel the earth move under my feet

I missed the Loma Prieta quake because I was on vacation.  Throughout my life, I’ve been around for many smaller quakes, but I’ve managed not to notice any of them.  The most recent one I missed noticing was a small one, an hour ago, centered about twenty miles north of me.  Somehow, whenever earthquakes hit, I’m in a car, or in a super-reinforced building, or in an area built on solid rock, or any number of things.

It really is quite amazing that I’ve lived almost my entire life in a seismic area without ever feeling the earth move.  I’m not complaining, though.  I’d be perfectly happy if I never experienced an earthquake.  It’s one thing to get a little thrill out of a temblor but, because those little guys elude me, I know the only one I’d notice would be the big one — and I’d prefer not to notice it at all.