Family, family, family, family, family — but at least it’s a clean one

Sorry for the unusual blog silence.  Yesterday fell apart when I got called to my daughter’s school for an emergency that was a false alarm.  I got back in time to head off to a business/social meeting with a delightful colleague.  Traffic caught me on the way home, so I spent an hour in the car listening to Dr. Laura lecture people.  Her ideas often work for me, but I don’t like her style.  Afternoon saw me taking care of the kids, my mother, my husband and my dog.  Today is all family all the time, as is tomorrow — although tomorrow promises the pleasure of a ship tour.  Hurrah!

I’ve got tons of ideas percolating, and will able to start blogging on some of them tomorrow night.  Until then, I leave you with a question:  Is it weird to tidy the house before the cleaning ladies’ twice monthly visit?  Mr. Bookworm can never get over the fact that I put everything away before they come.  I think their job is cleaning.  If I leave the house in a chaotic mess, they try to put things away — and I can never find them — and they never get around to the cleaning bit (vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, windows, etc).  Do any of you have a take on this?