Whither (or, maybe, wither) the Jews?

What were Jewish voters doing last Tuesday? To hear the MSM tout it, they were returning to the Democratic fold in droves, at least according to one exit poll. However, Richard Baehr rides to the rescue to say, “Not so fast, my fine MSM friends.” It turns out that the single exit poll may be just a wee bit misleading, not to mention the fact that it ignores important long-term demographic trends in the Jewish community (liberal assimilationists are not breeding; orthodox, politically conservative Jews are). Anyway, if you find this subject as interesting as I do, you should definitely read it all here.

By the way, immediately after reading Richard Baehr’s piece, you need to head over to Soccer Dad to learn more about representative John Conyers from Michigan, who is likely to become the new chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee.  I’d forgotten that this is the same Conyers who held a mock impeachment hearing of George Bush (with, as I recall, the obligatory anti-Semitic references).  He’s also busy trying to enshrine legislation aimed at giving special protections to Muslims (although Soccer Dad carefully points out that they don’t need those protections).  All in all, it’s a pretty eye-opening piece, and well-deserving of the encomium it got at LGF.

I mention Soccer Dad’s post in the context of this post because, if Conyer’s elevation doesn’t put the fear of marginalization and discrimination in the hearts of American Jews nothing will.  They’ll deserve to sink down into the backwaters of history — I’m just sorry that I, and perhaps all of us, will have to go with them.