The triumph of the mundane

The more I learn about Obama, the less — much less — that I like him. Over at Cheat-Seeking Missiles, Laer brings up the fact that Obama’s moderate posturing for his presidential candidacy is just that: posturing. In fact, he’s about as liberal as liberal can be, which is fine if you like that kind of stuff, but not fine if you’re trying to gull the American public into believing you’re just Mr. Middle-of-the-Road.

The other thing that really irks me about the guy, aside from his duplicity, is the fawning over his stellar rhetoric. It shows how cheapened that commodity is in this day and age that Obama is held up as an example of quality speech making. Fortunately, I’m not the only one who sees the emperor parading down the street with people singing hosannas to his invisible speech making skills. Patrick, my favorite Paragraph Farmer, is wise to Obama too, and has written a wonderful, and extremely funny, article exposing Obama’s verbal nakedness.

After reading Patrick’s article, which will leave you both laughing and feeling depressed about the level of political debate in this country, you may want to visit this website for a good dose of quality political speeches. | digg it