A petition to sign regarding freedom of truthful information

As you probably know, both the Second Intifadah and a sudden and dramatic nosedive in Israel’s already low standing around the world got their impetus from a horrific video shown on French TV: the death of 12 year old Palestinian boy as collateral damage in a shoot out between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers. Muhammad Al-Durah became an instant martyr. Of course, as you probably also know, it was a fake. It never happened. It was a propaganda coup from beginning to end, all done with the complicity of France2.

Although the video’s fakery has been exposed, France2 holds more footage which, in a just and moral world, should be released, both to clear Israel fully and to hold up for censure all involved in this canard that resulted in so much spilled blood. If you would like to be a part of pressing for the release of all footage, go here and sign the petition.

Sadly, although the petition has been floating around for a few days, and has gotten some exposure at large blogs (Pajamas Media, Augean Stables, Captains Quarters, etc.), it isn’t getting a lot of signatures. I’m sure there are some people who think “Eh, this is old news and it’s French TV, so why does it really matter to me?” It matters because this story is just one in a series of corrupt stories that are being pushed around the world to manipulate public opinion. Perhaps each alone is unremarkable, but taken together, they represent a vast paradigm shift in the way worldwide public opinion is being changed, not based on facts, but based on falsehoods. It should concern all of us when we begin to function, not in a marketplace of ideas, but in a marketplace of Orwellian misinformation.

UPDATE: And if you’re in the mood for signing petitions that make important points, N.Z. Bear, known to all of us for his ecosystem, has put together a petition urging Congress to support General Petraeus and the Surge.