The ProtestShooter was there

If you’re interested in up close pictures and eye-witness reporting from the goings-on in Berkeley, check out ProtestShooter. The pictures are from early in the day, so I can’t wait to see the next installment. My favorite photo was one that really didn’t have to do too much with the protest at all, but that looks at the kind of people out there protesting:

This is basically behind the anti-Marine side. Note a tent – many of them spent the night and they didn’t bother to take them down which is why they have so little space. Also notice the “reproductive” sign – these guys recycle signs since they go to so many protests.

It pretty much tells you way more than you need to know about these people, doesn’t it? They’re professional agitators. They have no lives. This is what they do.

UPDATE: You’ll find more ProtestShooter photos here, showing what went on in the afternoon.

UPDATE IIZombie has got photos up too.