Then and now in Berkeley

Yesterday morning, in Berkeley, they were saying this:

Murder, rape, torture, war. That’s what the Marines are for.”

and this:

“These are very dangerous people. They’re lying to their children, talking them into becoming killers.”

I noted that the mask had slipped, revealing that the “we support the troops, but not the war” line was simply a charade, aimed at hiding the Left’s true agenda.  Yesterday, as you can see above, the charade stopped.  Fear not, though, ’cause it’s back:

After a day of enraged confrontation outside Berkeley City Hall between anti-war and pro-military demonstrators, the City Council appeared ready late Tuesday night to rescind its controversial decision to tell the U.S. Marines they are “unwelcome intruders” for operating a downtown recruiting center.

A majority of the nine-member council also leaned toward issuing a statement declaring that it is opposed to the war in Iraq but supports U.S. troops.  (Emphasis mine.)

Clearly,  the “Progressives” believe that you can fool all of the people all of the time and, with a complicit media, they may almost be right.