Quick picks

I’ve got a project, and pretty much exhausted myself writing this morning’s post (too much thinking, dammit!), so I’ll just give you links to some stories that caught my eye today.

1.  John Hawkin’s writes about five top conservative female bloggers and discusses how they face different challenges from their male peers (not that they’re whining, mind you).

2.  Dennis Prager gives a handy-dandy list of questions for conservatives contemplating colleges for their children.  The quiz is easy, but I can guarantee you that you probably won’t like the answers you get.

3.  Robert Knight and Laer both examine Obama’s surprising theology, which effectively reduces the entire Bible to a couple of quotations from the Sermon on the Mount, that Obama interprets in his own unique, liberal way.

4.  The New York Times, no doubt forgetting momentarily what it is and what it stands for, has an interesting article about the fact that young Iraqis, rather than turning against Americans, are turning against their own fanatical religious leaders and their interpretation of Islam.  Although the Times doesn’t say so, I see it as a sort of “If you build it, they will come,” meaning that, if you build a viable alternative to fanaticism (something multiculturalists refuse to countenance), people will follow you.

5.  Neo-Neocon riffs brilliantly on the fact that Obama seems to be believing his own press as the new political Messiah whose inevitability transcends any rational analysis.

6.   Christopher Hitchens, who wields language like a scalpel, writes about the meaninglessness of modern political discourse.