Watcher Results

This was, again, one of those weeks during which I was completely in synch with my fellow Watcher’s Council members, and voted for the winning posts.  First place went to Big Lizard’s for his excellent expose of the unhappy “coincidences” that just seem to happen to Obama’s political opponents, leaving Obama in the comfortable position of winning against an empty field.  The post is pithily titled “Chicago Rules.”  Second place was for Cheat-Seeking Missile’s The Rape of Rape on American Campuses, which looked, not only at Heather MacDonald’s compelling City Journal essay about the devaluation of the term “rape” at America’s colleges and universities, but also examined what happens to those who dare challenge this false orthodoxy.  In a field packed with quality essays, these two truly deserved their wins.

As is always the case, things on the non-Council side of the aisle were just as good.  First place went to Power Line for its work “Dissecting the 60 Minutes Scandal,” yet another piece of shoddy journalism akin to RatherGate (that is, 60 Minutes’ journalism was shoddy, not Power Line’s).  Second place went to City Journal for “Why Don’t Jews Like The Christians Who Like Them?“, one of those appalling conundrums that sees Jews pathetically making nice to the African-Americans who (sadly) hate them, while giving the cold shoulder to the Christians who respect and consistently help them.