Is it just me?

Or is Ann Coulter veering in being really nasty about Eliot Spitzer’s Jewishness, and about Jews in general, both of which are entirely irrelevant to his free-fall?

Eliot Spitzer was the golden boy with an absolutely charmed life. His parents were the children of Jewish immigrants, who created a Ralph Lauren lifestyle for their children.


Forget about his career — those around him better have him on suicide watch. Dudley Do-Right is on tape in a white-knuckle negotiation with pimps about payment for a prostitute. (Let’s just be thankful that there’s no anti-Semitic expression for Jews haggling about money.)

Had Spitzer’s Jewish up-bringing had anything to do with the crime or with any defense he offered, I could understand making his Jewish-ness an issue in writing about this whole sordid episode.  However, since it isn’t, and he didn’t, that last quoted paragraph strikes me as nothing but a mean-spirited anti-Semitic sentiment that has no place in this farce, drama, tragedy, or whatever else you call it.

I’d like your opinions on Coulter’s writing, because I need a reality check to make sure I’m not simply being too sensitive to a perceived smear.