Deconstructing liberal think

At Paragraph Farmer, Patrick has taken apart a liberal newspaper’s endorsement for Barack Obama, exposing just a few of the logical fallacies and factual errors it contains.  Patrick’s post actually makes for very scary reading, because this is not just one little editorial board but is, instead, thinking representative of a large part of the lefter side of the political world.  Just to tweak your interest, here’s just one of Patrick’s points:

Another reason to vote for Obama, according to the Independent, is that “his plan for criminal justice reform includes expanding hate crime statutes.” This is a plus? The candidate’s own web site plays possum on exactly how federal hate crimes statutes will be strengthened, but the only people who could reasonably applaud a goal like that are people who have never read George Orwell’s 1984. When a candidate for president seeks to criminalize an even higher percentage of thought, which is what expansion or strenthening of hate crimes statutes inevitably entails, then the electorate should take a very hard look at that candidate indeed. Astonishingly, Independent editors see no potential downsides to expanded hate crimes legislation. Hey, I’d like to see Rev. Jeremiah Wright do prison time, too, but I don’t think that’s what the Obama camp has in mind.