Zombie has a new photo album up, one that’s only for the strong of stomach (and I say that having scrolled through just some of the blurry version).  Zombie bravely went to the Up Your Alley Fair, which makes the Folsom Street Fair (which Zombie recorded last week) look wholesome.

At Up Your Alley, behavior that most people wouldn’t even contemplate in their bedrooms (and that includes gay people), is taken onto the street.  Gross as the behavior is, I don’t have a problem with consenting adults engaging in it in the privacy of their bedrooms (although I would so much prefer not to know anything about it).  I do, however, have a huge problem with it happening on public streets.  Even the Romans didn’t carry their debauchery that far.

As an aside (and it’s actually the reason I’m mentioning this most recent Zombie photo essay), whenever Zombie takes to the streets, I wonder if I’ll see anyone I know in the photos, especially the gay photos.  Given that I both grew up and worked in San Francisco, I know a lot of gay men.

As it turns out, I didn’t see anyone I knew in the pictures (whew!), but I could have.  An old high school friend I follow in my “real me” facebook noted yesterday that he’d just come home from the Fair.  I saw that note before I saw Zombie’s essay, and truly had no idea what that meant.  I envisioned booths with crafts and Bavarian pretzels.  Just shows how wrong one can be.