Sarah Palin week at the Watcher’s

The Watcher is right:  it is a week tainted by Palin Derangement Syndrome, something reflected in both Council and non-Council posts.  Before I list them so you can draw your own conclusions, a few announcements.

First, the Watcher’s Council finally has a permanent home, and this link will take you there.  Second, did you know that a Carnegie-Mellon study ranked the Watcher’s Council as the 4th most useful blog site when it comes to just plain ol’ keeping up to date?  (By the way, if you have sharp eyes, you’ll spot a few Council members on there in their own right, too.)  Third, the Council is still looking for a new member.  If you are interested in nominating yourself, read about the requirements here and think about nominating yourself.

And without further ado, this week’s nominations:


1. The Glittering Eye – Chicago’s Proposed Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance

2. Soccer Dad – Two Years

3. Bookworm Room – Examining the Unborn

4. The Razor – Life in a One Party State: America’s Future Under Obama-Biden

5. Joshua Pundit – The End Game In Iraq

6. Wolf Howling – Palin in Comparison

7. The Colossus of Rhodey – The inanity begins with Bristol Palin

8. Rhymes With Right – When Does Human Life Begin

9. Cheat-Seeking Missiles – Juno In Juneau

10. The Education Wonks – China Arnold: Monster


1. Submitted by Cheat-Seeking Missiles – Alien: Audacity of Deception and HypocrisySarah Palin vs. Barack Obama

2. Submitted by Bookworm – Just Say No Deal

3. Submitted by The Education Wonks – Classical Values: Putting the Constitution ahead of Culture War

4. Submitted by The Colossus of Rhodey – WSJ: Terrorism’s New Structure

5. Submitted by Rhymes With Right – The Anchoress: Obama, McCain, Palin & generosity

6. Submitted by Soccer Dad – Meryl Women and Sarah Palin

7. Submitted by The Glittering Eye – Outside the Beltway: Obama’s Acceptance Speech: The More Things CHANGE, The More They Remain the Same

8. Submitted by Joshua Pundit – Elder of Ziyon: “Rachel Corrie” – the video

9. Submitted by Wolf Howling – Big Lizards: The Verdict Is In: McCain Chooses “Transformative” Over “Kicking the Can”