Questioning whether Hillary will be the October surprise

It’s Saturday and I’m posting at McCain-Palin 2008.  As always, since I think it’s a wonderful cooperative blog, I’d like to get more traffic headed its way and, therefore, I’m publishing the beginning of my post here in the hope that you finish reading the rest of it there:

Biden is a never-ending source of delight — for those who don’t like Biden. Whether he’s chastising reporters for being out of shape, demanding that the wealthy show their patriotism by transferring their money to the middle class, making bizarre and ill-informed pronouncements regarding Catholic doctrine and abortion, or offending Ohioans en masse, you can really count on the guy to get it done (or, should I say, to get it done wrong). Nothing about this is new; it’s just Biden being Biden.

If gravitas means being old, gray, and a Congressional seat warmer, Biden is the ticket. However, if gravitas means being thoughtful, informed and wise, Biden is, and always was, the comedy man in this straight man’s role. Although Obama must have known going in what he was getting with Biden, you can’t help wondering if he’s suffering from buyer’s remorse right now. That’s especially true given the legions of women who took umbrage at the way he cavalierly insulted Hillary and who, in response, fled to McCain.

The question then, at least in the blogosphere, is whether Obama is going to pressure Biden to withdraw for some sympathetic reason, such as health or a family crisis, enabling Hillary to come in and save the day. While everyone with any sense will know that Biden’s withdrawal is manufactured, some women may be so glad to see Hillary back on the ticket that they’ll yield to the Democrats’ siren song. Frankly, I’ve been one of those worried about this.

Noemie Emery, however, is much more sanguine.

So, if you want to read more, you’ll find the rest here.