Snapping at the soccer game *UPDATED*

When the parental crowd at the soccer game goes anti-Palin, I tend to keep my mouth shut.  As I blogged yesterday, I can take on one person at a time, but I can’t take on a crowd.

I did speak up, however, when someone gloated about the fact that Sarah Palin, in an SNL sketch, stood there was Alec Baldwin insulted her.  He thought it was brilliant.

“Yes,” I said, “it’s always brilliant to see someone who is a rather unintelligent alcoholic known for violent outbursts insulting a sitting governor.”

I thought I was being sarcastic.  This guy didn’t, though, thinking that I’d made an insightful anti-Palin comment:  “Yeah, he really humiliated her.  It was great.”

People like this are apparently intelligent enough to make lots of money, but they’re incapable of rational analysis or common humanity.

UPDATEApparently Baldwin was a lot more gracious than the soccer fans.