Predicting the election

A couple of weeks ago, I predicted how the last Presidential debate would turn out.  I’m now predicting the alternative election surprises we can expect on November 4:

McCain will win, and it will be another “Dewey beats Truman” moment. In the privacy of the voting booth, away from the pollsters, away from the media, and away from the true believers who have already voted early and often, voters will look into the abyss that is Obama — the empty personal history and the slowly emerging radical political ideology — and they’ll pull back from that void.

Of course, that prediction is based upon actual people voting just once. The alternative surprise is that, exceeding even elections in the former Soviet Union and current Cuba, Americans will learn that, unlike the usual 60% or so voter turnout rate for American presidential elections, the turnout will be closer to 90%, with some states reporting turnout exceeding 100%. All of which will prove that you don’t have to have a Communist government to result in Communist voting patterns. All you need to achieve this result are Communist community activists, preferrably those well-funded by one of the two parties at play in the election.