Those Somali pirates *UPDATED*

Pardon me for being stupid, but wouldn’t it be wise, given that the Somali pirates are getting to be troublesome, to place some nasty weapons on board the big ships and then to allow them to shoot into shreds any boat that comes close without an invitation?

This article, which I admit I only skimmed rather carelessly, implies that there’s a problem having military escorts for these ships that traverse international waters.  (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)  I’m not proposing military escorts.  I’m proposing giving the ships themselves the same rights to protect themselves that are granted homeowners.  In other words, who needs the military?  Just give the guys on shipboard guns.

Alternatively, one might mention to the Somalian leadership that, if they can’t get their citizens under control, their failure to act will be deemed an act of war — and, judging by the breadth of the piracy, an act of war against a whole lot of countries.  It would be a nice excuse to get rid of those execrable excuses for human beings that are currently in charge of that country.

By the way, if you want a quick history of piracy in that region, including the U.S. Marine’s stellar role in defeating it in the past, here’s a nice run-down.

UPDATEThe Indian Navy did something, destroying a pirate “mother ship” and some others.  Yay!  I know piracy has always been a part of doing business in those waters, but it makes commodities hellishly expenses and, like the famous broken windows, if you don’t address it aggressively, it only gets worse.

UPDATE IIMore information about the practical and legal limitations on fighting pirates.