The nature of Islam

Charles Martel left a comment to an earlier post about Islam’s core nature:

I used to ask myself how Allah is served by the grotesque torture of non-Muslims. How is the supreme deity gratified or honored by the sadistic disfigurement and dismantling of his creations?

Then I came to my senses and thumbed through my copy of the Qu’ran, where I came across description after description, all in loving detail, of how Allah intends to torture for eternity those who have dared to not submit to him. Who cares if his most devoted followers jump the gun a bit and start the torture before death?

Then I read further and came to understand that Allah has predestined all men for either Heaven or Hell. Even the good man who never lies, prays devoutly and treats all others with justice and compassion will go to Hell if Allah has predestined him to do so.

The violent, murderous, lying man who has left ruin and sorrow in his wake will go to Heaven, which apparently is a bordello, if Allah has preordained it so.

Mohammed could not have done a better job of creating a religion designed to make men both violent and despairing.

He’s exactly right.  Several years ago, in the wake of yet another Muslim created massacre, my cousin, who works as a Christian prison chaplain, wrote to me about the way in which converting to Islam has become quite the thing in prisons around the world:

It is not a contradiction to be a Muslim and a murderer, even a mass murderer. That is one reason why criminals “convert” to Islam in prison. They don’t convert at all; they similarly remain the angry judgmental vicious beings they always have been. They simply add “religious” diatribes to their personal invective. Islam does not inspire a crisis of conscience, just inspirations to outrage.