Let the coronation begin

I’m watching the news right now.  The crowds are amazing.  I wonder if I’m the only one watching who feels a certain amount of dismay at the fact that the reason people are so celebratory (and really the only reason the man was elected) is the color of his skin — a complete inversion of Martin Luther King’s vision.

As I wrote the other day, two liberals have now told me that Obama’s experience and ability are irrelevant to his role in the executive office.  All that matters is that he be inspirational.  In other words, regardless of the very real power this neophyte cipher will wield, liberals in their own minds have reduced him to the level of a Constitutional monarch, a la the British royalty:  all show and no substance.  This will either devolve into a tragedy or a farce, something monarchies (especially powerless ones) are wont to do.